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July 2014 (6)
Jul 31 2014 11:22AM
'We are all Gaza': Palestinian anger in the West Bank

Across the city of Ramallah in the Occupied Palestinian Territories (OPT) hang billboards and banners showing images of bloodshed and destruction alongside the words: “Here now, we are all Gaza”. Many of these posters, which I also saw...

Jul 29 2014 4:08PM
'Nowhere in Gaza is safe': a snapshot of life under the bombs

This morning as I brushed my teeth I could hear the familiar buzzing of a drone circling above our building. I ignored the sound. Drones circle overhead all the time; you never know whether it’s just for surveillance or an impending...

Jul 29 2014 12:22PM
Topsy-turvy justice in Burundi - human rights defenders languish in jail while mass murder goes unpunished

14 years ago I took a call I never expected to get. I was at work, in a graduate IT job I’d drifted into after university. It was half past five. I was getting ready to go home when my phone rang. It was my Mum. She told me that my...

Jul 22 2014 12:36PM
'My life is in constant danger' - campaigning in Gambia

I’ve just spoken to a human rights activist working in Gambia. Just publishing his name would be enough to get him arrested. His powerful testimony shows why we urgently need to act to stop the intimidation of people working to uphold...

Jul 18 2014 2:33PM
Take a few minutes to remember Mandela

Have you got a minute? Or 67 minutes to be precise? Put them to good use because today is a special day. It is Nelson Mandela International Day, now in the official UN calendar. It marks his birthday – and makes a call to action to...

Jul 10 2014 2:58PM
Amnesty in South Sudan: "You have always been there for us"

As South Sudan marks its third birthday as an independent state, Amnesty is here on 'mission', documenting human rights abuses committed by government and opposition forces in a growing conflict. I want to share an uplifting "Amnesty...