April 2014 (3)
Apr 17 2014 5:05PM
Reflections on our 2014 AGM
Guest post from the Deputy Chair of our Board , Hannah Perry It was only last weekend, but looking back on our 2014 Annual General Meeting, I can hardly believe it happened. I’ve come back to my desk and tried to explain to my colleagu...
Apr 12 2014 10:44AM
The military occupation of Maré ahead of Brazil's World Cup
Early last Saturday morning (5 April 2014), the streets of Rio de Janeiro’s Maré complex of favelas (slums) woke up to a military occupation by around 2,700 federal Army troops. They took over from a military police contingent that had...
Apr 2 2014 4:21PM
Arms Trade Treaty one year on. Why is Kenya dragging its feet?
The only reason I’m alive is because my attackers ran out of bullets. I remember that evening – 17 December 2013 – very clearly. The look of surprise on the gunman’s face after he hunched down on one knee, took aim at me one last time,...