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August 2018 (5)
Aug 30 2018 4:42PM
Will the recruitment of child soldiers ever end?

Military groups all over the world continue to recruit child soldiers to fight and perform duties to further their campaigns despite international law ruling it illegal; these children are vulnerable to terrifying abuse.

Aug 29 2018 12:11PM
Good things come in threes

Good news! These last weeks of summer have been exceptional for us, seeing the release of three human rights defenders.

Aug 15 2018 2:02PM
Will you help us side with rights?

Every day, ordinary people stand up for freedom and equality. They speak out for what is right and fair for all of us, but they are in great danger. Will you help us show them, and the world, you're on their side?

Aug 15 2018 1:31PM
Will you help send backup to those who need it?

Every day, ordinary people stand up for freedom and equality: for their communities, for themselves, for you. But they need backup to stay safe. That means they need your voice. Will you join us?

Aug 14 2018 5:03PM
Will you help us defend the defenders?

Every day, ordinary people with extraordinary passion stand up for human rights, they are called human rights defenders. But they are in great danger. So who’s protecting them?