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January 2014 (6)
Jan 22 2014 1:49PM
The Anti-Elton John Propaganda Law
Relax, gays guys! Some of President’s Putin’s best friends are gay! He thinks Elton John is outstanding! ‘I’m not prejudiced in any way’, says the man who gave his Presidential assent to laws that have severely restricted the LGBTI com...
Jan 21 2014 1:21PM
Hunted down: Muslims fleeing for their lives in the Central African Republic
In the small town of Boali, 100km north of the capital Bangui, the Muslim neighbourhoods are eerily silent, completely empty of their inhabitants. Every single home has been thoroughly looted. Even the front doors have been removed and...
Jan 17 2014 2:47PM
Dr Abbas Khan’s tragic death will be honoured. It should also lead to action
On Friday 17 January family members, dignitaries and community representatives in Greater Manchester and elsewhere are to pay their respects to the British doctor Dr Abbas Khan , and also to remember the thousands of other victims of S...
Jan 15 2014 3:56PM
Bombs, bullets and burkas? It's the bravery and boldness of Afghan women we must support
Bombs. Bullets. Burkas. When I say “Afghan women”, are these the words that spring to mind? If so, it wouldn’t surprise me, because it seems that barely a week goes by without a media story appearing about an Afghan woman being shot or...
Jan 3 2014 3:09PM
Lacking food, water and work: Life in the Iraqi Kurdistan refugee camps
Sitting on a thin mattress inside a ramshackle structure on a muddy hilltop, elderly Abu Fares told me how he came to live in poverty in Iraq’s relatively prosperous northern Kurdistan region. For the past 11 months, he and his wife –...
Jan 1 2014 1:15PM
44 reasons most Syrians will not have a happy new year in 2014
We are a few hours into 2014 and the pattern of human rights violations, abuses, impunity and international inaction that blighted Syria in 2013 (and before) is still happening. Those responsible are contributing to the further misery...