May 2013 (3)
May 28 2013 12:01PM
Zimbabwe: What price justice?
This blog post is by Frances Webber, human rights lawyer, author of Borderline justice: the fight for refugee and migrant rights (Pluto, 2012), an honorary vice-president of the Haldane Society and vice-chair of the Institute of Race R...
May 24 2013 4:27PM
Zimbabwe: A new constitution, a new way?
It’s been a historic week for Zimbabwe as President Mugabe signed a new constitution into law, a positive development that has the potential to increase ordinary Zimbabwean's enjoyment of their basic rights. The constitution paves the...
May 3 2013 2:42AM
Targeting media activists in Syria: The case of Mus'ab al-Hamadi
Mus’ab al-Hamadi, aged 32, is a well-known media activist and member of the Local Coordination Committee (LCC) in Hama. He has been heavily involved in collating information and posting videos of abuses committed by Syrian government f...