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September 2012 (5)
Sep 28 2012 9:30AM
To keep your human rights, act.

Public consultation on a UK Bill of Rights closes this weekend. Stephen Bowen, Director, British Institute of Human Rights (BIHR) looks at the background to the consultation, and why you've got to speak out to keep your rights. Let’s...

Sep 27 2012 3:54PM
Sorry, some of the Supporter Care Team are currently unavailable...

This is a guest post from Ellie Clayton and Gordon Bennett, who've both worked for our Supporter Care team, currently under house arrest in Tel Aviv We’re writing this from a flat in a Tel Aviv high-rise apartment block. We’ve been...

Sep 17 2012 2:12PM
Gambia's conditional moratorium on executions 'not good enough'

Gambian President Yahya Jammeh’s conditional moratorium on executions of death row prisoners leaves at least 38 people still at great risk of execution, Amnesty International said today. Last Friday evening (14 September), President...

Sep 10 2012 6:44PM
The forgotten prisoners

It’s dark. You’re in a cell. You’re not alone: there are bodies slumped around you. Some of them are asleep on piles of clothes – at least, you hope they’re just sleeping. Some of them have their arms and legs chained. The smell from...

Sep 8 2012 11:07PM
Geopolitics heavy, humanity light - The Russian Governments approach to Syria

When reading statements by important political figures concerning the human rights & humanitarian crisis in Syria I often try, as much as is reasonably possible, to put myself in the position of those living in fear, those exiled...