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November 2013 (8)
Nov 28 2013 9:48AM
Chelsea Manning: which one doesn't belong?

Let’s all take a trip down memory lane to our Sesame Street days and engage in the following exercise of “Which One Doesn’t Belong”: The only soldier who was tried in the death of 24 unarmed Iraqi civilians in Haditha, Iraq – no prison...

Nov 27 2013 1:14PM
Let's not forget the stories of the disappeared in Sri Lanka - Prageeth Eknaligoda’s wife visits Amnesty

Last week I heard first-hand from one of the 1000s of people whose families have suffered human rights abuse in Sri Lanka. It’s an opportunity that the Sri Lankan authorities did their utmost to deny David Cameron and other leaders...

Nov 22 2013 2:13PM
Yorm Bopha released on bail

Yorm Bopha, a Cambodian activist, who was imprisoned on false charges to keep her quiet, has been released after more than 85,000 people signed our global petition including nearly 18,000 from the UK. ‘Thank you to Amnesty...

Nov 21 2013 8:55AM
How long does it takes to fill a lake with sand?

For Boeung Kak Lake in central Phnom Penh, Cambodia, it took over three years. The developers kept working to fill it. Eventually, the lake flooded and destroyed nearby homes. What had been a thriving district was turned into a giant...

Nov 15 2013 12:07PM
Demonstrating again, and again, and again, despite the risks and violence. Welcome to Nabi Saleh.

Imagine you live in a small village, and a big chunk of the village’s land is stolen by an illegal settlement, accompanied by an occupying army. Then, not satisfied with stealing your land, the occupiers also steal your water supply...

Nov 12 2013 8:41AM
Everyone, everywhere: Why our mass Urgent Action for Dominican citizens needs you

Back in 2006, we issued what must be our biggest urgent action ever: ‘ victims of human rights violations in all countries ’. A little vague, you might think. But at that point, the US could have stalled the creation of the UN Human...

Nov 6 2013 5:08PM
Fear for safety of "missing" Pussy Riot member

Nadezhda Tolokonnikova, imprisoned member of Russian punk group Pussy Riot, has disappeared. She was reportedly put into a car on the 22 October, apparently to be transferred to another penal colony from the one she was held at...

Nov 5 2013 1:05PM
When will there be good news?

I’m often asked if we have any good news updates, or success stories. Quite rightly, we are constantly looking for proof that what we are doing works, and that ‘good’ will come of our letter writing. Over the years, my reply has tended...