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April 2010 (11)
Apr 27 2010 9:38AM
Nearly 93% of the vote in the south of Sudan

Sudan has held elections. The percentages can only be dreamed of by Brown, Cameron and Clegg as polls here in the UK show support for the three main parties almost evenly split. In the south of Sudan Salva Kiir took 92.99% of the vote...

Apr 19 2010 9:48PM
Abuse in Afghanistan: More4 on Tuesday 20 April

More4 shows the fate of boys who are recruited as dancers in northern Afghanistan and then become victims of abuse. The film, The Dancing Boys of Afghanistan, is on More4 at 10 pm on Tuesday 20 April 2010.

Apr 12 2010 12:25AM
The world's most dangerous country for journalists was....

In the first quarter of 2010 the most dangerous country in the world for journalists was Honduras , according to Reporters Without Borders.

Apr 12 2010 12:17AM
Three cups of tea as a recipe for education and peace

Three Cups of Tea is the inspiring story of Greg Mortenson's project to provide education, especially for girls, in the remote parts of Pakistan. He was a mountaineer who tried to climb K2 and then arrived in a poor village where he...

Apr 11 2010 11:41PM
Quiz the candidates in the general election

Hustings are public meetings at which people can ask questions of the candidates in an election. Churches Together in Britain and Ireland offer on their website details of hustings meetings across the country as the general election...

Apr 8 2010 10:15PM
Bill to control vulture funds gets through

I am surprised and delighted to find out from the Jubilee Debt Campaign that the bill to control vulture funds has gone through all its stages in the two houses of parliament, leaving just the formality of royal assent. I was doubtful...

Apr 6 2010 10:12AM
Hunger striker exposes the dark side of Cuba

Rory Carroll writes in the Observer about Guillermo Farinas, a journalist who is on hunger strike in Cuba . President Raul Castro took over from his brother who was ill and there was talk of easing political and economic restrictions...

Apr 6 2010 9:44AM
Human rights in the general election?

At last the UK general election is set. I have just seen a survey on the internet about what would influence people in deciding how to vote. Would it be the leader of the party, the candidate, local issues, national issues, to keep a...

Apr 2 2010 12:57PM
Nigeria's killing fields, 2 April at 7:30 pm on Channel 4

Unreported World goes to Nigeria to investigate the violence in the north of the country that has already claimed many lives. The film is on channel 4 at 7:30 pm on Friday 2 April 2010. Is it really a religious conflict or is it about...

Apr 1 2010 9:50PM
Simon Singh's victory for freedom of expression

Simon Singh, the science writer, has been allowed the defence of "fair comment" against being sued for libel. Singh had written about spinal manipulation given to children by chiropractors for illnesses such as colic, ear infections...

Apr 1 2010 7:51PM
Lindsay Lohan's Journey in India

Lindsay Lohan visited India to investigate child traficking in a programme shown on BBC 3 on 1 April 2010. She discovered that sometimes parents hand their children to the trafickers and of course the answer for why they do so was...