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Nearly 93% of the vote in the south of Sudan

Sudan has held elections.  The percentages can only be dreamed of by Brown, Cameron and Clegg as polls here in the UK show support for the three main parties almost evenly split.  In the south of Sudan Salva Kiir took 92.99% of the vote and he is expected to lead the south to independence next year when a referendum is held. 

President Omar Hassan al Bashir received 68% of the votes nationally but his two main challengers withdrew before the election saying that it was rigged.   Critics have said that the election fell well short of international standards. The president has the distinction of being the only sitting head of state in the world who is wanted by the International Criminal Court.

There is a theory that heads of state are immune to prosecution and can get away with anything but Manuel Noriega, former leader of Panama, has spent 21 years in prison in the USA and is now being extradited to France

Update, July 2010: Noriega has been given a prison sentence of seven years.   

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