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Sudan (217)
Oct 29 2021 2:50pm
Sudan: Military leaders must stop bloodshed at protests and fully investigate killings
At least six men killed and 140 wounded; more protests planned tomorro...
Mar 10 2020 3:24pm
Sudan: all security agencies were involved in brutal protest attacks - and must be held to account
New report reveals how security forces beat, raped, tortured and kille...
Dec 19 2019 9:29am
Sudan: year on since protests broke out, protesters' demands must be met
One year after protests broke out in Sudan leading to the ouster Presi...
Nov 29 2019 3:01pm
Sudan: repeal of public order laws a step forward for women's rights
“The transitional government must now ensure that the entire oppressiv...
Oct 7 2019 12:07pm
South Sudan: crippled justice system and blanket amnesties fuelling impunity for war crimes – new report
The South Sudanese authorities have allowed impunity to flourish over ...
Aug 16 2019 12:03pm
Sudan: Former president Omar al-Bashir must not escape international justice
Amnesty International is calling for former Sudanese president Omar al...
Jul 5 2019 3:49pm
Sudan: Power-sharing deal must lead to full accountability for 'ruthless' violence
Responding to the news that a power-sharing deal has been reached betw...
Jun 28 2019 3:42pm
Sudan: protests on Sunday to mark 30 years since Bashir seized power
Recent crackdown on protesters sparks fear of return to Bashir-era lev...
Jun 27 2019 1:55pm
UN General Assembly set to vote on curbing trade in torture equipment
China is major manufacturer of equipment like spiked batons, spiked el...
Jun 14 2019 2:22pm
Sudan: military admits deadly decision on protester crackdown - urgent investigation needed
“The senseless killing of protesters must be stopped immediately” – Sa...