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Sudan: all security agencies were involved in brutal protest attacks - and must be held to account

New report reveals how security forces beat, raped, tortured and killed protesters ‘We are urging Sudan’s transitional authorities to hold thorough, effective and independent investigations... Every victim must get justice’ - Deprose Muchena An Amnesty International investigation has exposed how all branches of Sudan’s security forces were involved in the violent crackdown on protests against the government of deposed President Omar al-Bashir in 2018 and 2019. It also reveals new evidence about how protesters were killed. In a new report, They descended on us like rain, Amnesty documents how

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Sudan: year on since protests broke out, protesters' demands must be met

One year after protests broke out in Sudan leading to the ouster President Omar al Bashir on 11 April 2019, the new transitional authorities must to live up to the hopes and expectations of the Sudanese people, Amnesty International said today. Between December 2018 and 11 April 2019, at least 77 protestors were killed, and hundreds injured across Sudan by security forces. On 3 June, the security forces, notably the paramilitary Rapid Support Forces (RSF), brutally dispersed the massive sit-in in Khartoum with live ammunition and teargas, killing more than 100 people and injuring at least 700

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Sudan: repeal of public order laws a step forward for women's rights

© Ashraf Shazly/AFP via Getty Images

“The transitional government must now ensure that the entire oppressive public order regime is abolished" - Seif Magango Reacting to the Sudanese government’s decision to repeal the country's public order laws, which governed - among other things - women’s presence in public spaces, Seif Magango, Amnesty International’s Deputy Director for East Africa, said: “This is a big step forward for women’s rights in Sudan. The repeal of the public order laws was long overdue. Many women were arbitrarily arrested, beaten and deprived of their rights to freedom of association and expression under this

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South Sudan: crippled justice system and blanket amnesties fuelling impunity for war crimes – new report

The South Sudanese authorities have allowed impunity to flourish over serious human rights violations, war crimes and crimes against humanity committed since brutal conflict broke out in December 2013, prosecuting only one case, Amnesty International said in a new report today. “Do you think we will prosecute ourselves: No prospects for accountability in South Sudan” reveals a justice system that is crippled by a lack of independence. Prosecutors follow the directives of the executive, and in the absence of such directives, do not investigate serious crimes. Joan Nyanyuki, Amnesty

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Sudan: Former president Omar al-Bashir must not escape international justice

Former Sudanese president Omar al-Bashir
Former Sudanese president Omar al-Bashir © APGraphicsBank

Amnesty International is calling for former Sudanese president Omar al-Bashir to face justice for crimes under international law - including genocide, crimes against humanity and war crimes - that he allegedly committed while in power. Al-Bashir is set to stand trial on Sunday in Khartoum, where he will be charged with corruption, possessing foreign currency, and receiving gifts illegally. However, Amnesty is calling for al-Bashir to be handed over to the International Criminal Court (ICC) as he also stands accused of criminal responsibility for war crimes, crimes against humanity and genocide

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Sudan: Power-sharing deal must lead to full accountability for 'ruthless' violence

An Mi-24 attack helicopter at Nyala airport in Darfur
An Mi-24 attack helicopter at Nyala airport in Darfur © Amnesty International

Responding to the news that a power-sharing deal has been reached between Sudan’s military leaders and the opposition party, Kumi Naidoo, Secretary General of Amnesty International, said: “The devil will be in the detail of any deal – but we hope this marks a step towards an end of the horrific crimes that have been committed against the people of Sudan for decades. “This agreement must be judged by how those in power now live up to their responsibilities to respect people’s fundamental rights – something the Sudanese people have been deprived of for well over three decades. “There are two

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Sudan: protests on Sunday to mark 30 years since Bashir seized power

Peaceful protesters in Sudan have been brutally attacked by the security forces © AFP/Getty Images

Recent crackdown on protesters sparks fear of return to Bashir-era levels of repression ‘The world has seen very clearly the passion with which Sudanese people are campaigning for their human rights’ - Kumi Naidoo Ahead of nationwide protests planned in Sudan on Sunday (30 June) to mark 30 years since former President Omar al-Bashir seized power through a military coup, Kumi Naidoo, Amnesty International’s Secretary General, said: “The horrific unprovoked use of lethal and unnecessary force against peaceful protesters as witnessed on 3 June must not be repeated this Sunday. “Since the bloody

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UN General Assembly set to vote on curbing trade in torture equipment

Part of a Chinese electro-shock device © David Hoffman

China is major manufacturer of equipment like spiked batons, spiked electric-shock riot forks, electric-shock vests and heavy leg-irons In past month alone, Hong Kong and Sudan have used tear gas against peaceful protesters ‘This secretive trade has gone unregulated for far too long’ - Ara Marcen Naval Spiked batons, stun belts and leg irons are among the gruesome tools of torture which should be banned outright, Amnesty International has said, ahead of a crucial vote on a torture trade resolution at the UN General Assembly tomorrow (Friday 28 June). Adopting the resolution would be a first

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Sudan: military admits deadly decision on protester crackdown - urgent investigation needed

© AFP/Getty Images

“The senseless killing of protesters must be stopped immediately” – Sarah Jackson Sudan’s Transitional Military Council (TMC) has admitted that they met with the country’s security chiefs on 2 June, and after receiving undisclosed advice from the Attorney General and the Head of the Judiciary, ordered the dispersal of peaceful protesters on 3 June which killed more than 100 people and injured hundreds more. Sarah Jackson, Amnesty International’s Deputy Regional Director for East Africa, said: “It is completely outrageous and unacceptable that what has now been confirmed to have been a

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Sudan: Disturbing new evidence of government war crimes in Darfur

Aerial view of South Darfur
Aerial view of South Darfur © UN Photo/Fred Noy

New evidence that ‘scorched earth’ attacks continue UN and African Union set to vote to close peacekeeping mission on 27 June which would expose civilians to brutal tactics of Sudanese security forces ‘It’s hard to imagine a worse time to decide to close UNAMID’ - Jonathan Loeb Amnesty International has disturbing new evidence, including satellite imagery, showing that Sudanese government forces have continued to commit war crimes and other serious human rights violations in Darfur. Satellite evidence and testimonies confirm that government forces and associated militias damaged or destroyed

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