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Sudan (227)
May 23 2024 9:20pm
Sudan: Urgent international action needed to stop mass atrocities in threatened Darfur city
Rapid Support Forces and militias surround El Fasher, the only capital...
Apr 13 2024 2:57pm
Sudan: International community failing to end armed conflict with civilians left ‘neglected and ignored’
One year since the conflict began, response from international communi...
Dec 19 2023 5:53pm
Sudan: fresh fears for civilians in second city Wad Madani
City has been operating as a humanitarian hub for civilians who fled f...
Nov 22 2023 6:11pm
Sudan: Civilians suffering 'unimaginable horror' amid ethnically-motivated violence in Darfur - new testimony
Rapid Support Forces and allied Arab militias killed and injured hundr...
Oct 15 2023 10:25am
Sudan: At least 5,000 civilians killed and millions displaced in six months of conflict
More than 12,000 people injured since the conflict began Humanitari...
Aug 3 2023 1:01am
Sudan: War crimes rampant as civilians killed in both deliberate and indiscriminate attacks - New Report
Thousands of people killed and injured since fighting broke out betwee...
Jul 6 2023 1:01am
Sudan: Border countries must give people fleeing conflict immediate access for asylum
More than 560,000 have fled the ongoing crisis in Sudan Dire humani...
Apr 27 2023 5:52pm
UK: Government must offer to host Sudanese nationals at most risk
Commenting on the Foreign Secretary James Cleverly’s remarks about the...
Apr 17 2023 7:11pm
Sudan: parties to the conflict must ensure protection of civilians as deaths mount
Following the outbreak of armed conflict between the Sudan Armed Force...
Jul 18 2022 8:40pm
Protect the Protest: Amnesty warns against allowing those in power to make protest a crime
Black Lives Matter, MeToo and climate change have inspired millions to...