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Human rights in the general election?

At last the UK general election is set.  I have just seen a survey on the internet about what would influence people in deciding how to vote.  Would it be the leader of the party, the candidate, local issues, national issues, to keep a certain candidate out, or other factors?  No mention in the survey of international issues and the issues that Amnesty International campaigns on.

I can well understand that people are concerned about local and national issues.  Of course the economy is always important in elections and the national deficit is a big issue this time.  International issues do matter too and I think that we need to try to bring them higher up the election agenda.  Don't wait for the candidates to ask for your support; take the initiative and tell them what you expect if they want your vote.  For me it is very important to vote for a candidate I can trust and who shares my values. Those values can inform policies on local, national and international issues. 

The survey I mentioned asked about keeping a candidate out as a reason for how to vote.  I always seem to find myself having to worry about whether my vote might support someone I completely disagree with because of our first past the post elections.  A brilliant way of deciding which horse wins a race but not good as a way of electing people to parliament and selecting who will form a government.

Will human rights and international issues influence who you will vote for in the election next month? 

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