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March 2010 (13)
Mar 24 2010 8:44PM
Panorama on Chocolate - the Bitter Truth

A Panorama special on 24 March 2010, Chocolate – the Bitter Truth , went undercover in west Africa. How much do we know about the people who produce the cocoa that goes into our chocolate? Some who are working long hours may be...

Mar 22 2010 9:19AM
Too dry in Botswana

On World Water Day many people in the world are suffering from lack of access to water. Survival International reminds us of the Gana and Gwi Bushmen in Botswana who have been suffering this for eight years. In 2002 the Botswana...

Mar 21 2010 9:56PM
Along the Tropic of Cancer

Simon Reeve travels along the Tropic of Cancer in a BBC series. He certainly gets off the beaten track. In this evening's programme he started in Western Sahara and travelled by various transport eastwards across Africa, almost to...

Mar 17 2010 2:45PM
When law firms exploit human rights

Afua Hirsch writes in the Guardian about some law firms that profess to care about human rights while making money from questionable activities such as business from vulture funds. She points to Dechert, an international law firm with...

Mar 15 2010 8:35AM
Millions of rural migrants denied schooling for their children

In China families who move from the rural areas to the cities are denied schooling for their children . The article gives the example of Hu Zhongping who has lived more than half of his life in Beijing but does not have the access to...

Mar 13 2010 9:13AM
Archbishop of Vienna makes some connections

The Archbishop of Vienna, Christoph Schonborn, has said that the celibacy of priests could be one of the causes of the sex scandals that have been rocking the Catholic church. Many people must have said or thought the same thing but he...

Mar 13 2010 8:56AM
Who was the MP who scuppered the bill to control vultures?

A Conservative MP (who does not seem to have been identified and has not yet owned up) has objected to the passage of the bill in parliament that seeks to control vulture funds. Might it have been Christopher Chope? He had already...

Mar 13 2010 8:52AM
Join the queue for the toilet

You are invited to help to form the world's longest toilet queue . It will mark World Water Day on 22 March and draw attention to the preventable illness caused by poor sanitation. One of the great achievements of public health in...

Mar 11 2010 8:16PM
Against internet censorship

Reporters Without Borders has declared that 12 March 2010 is World Day against Cyber Censorship . The internet can be a force for freedom but many governments are trying to limit and control it.

Mar 10 2010 12:51PM
Colombian tribal leaders to speak in London

Two indigenous Colombian leaders are in London and will speak at an event at Amnesty's Human Rights Action Centre on Tuesday 16 March 2010. Survival International fights for the rights of indigenous people around the world.

Mar 9 2010 8:36PM
International Film Festival in London, starting 17 March

Human Rights Watch have an international film festival and it comes to London on 17 to 26 March 2010 . The website states that three themes have emerged in the programme: Closed Societies: Iran and North Korea Accountability and...

Mar 5 2010 2:02PM
Colombia: Free Liliany Obando

On International Women's Day, Monday 8 March, Justice for Colombia had a protest outside the Colombian embassy in London. The protest was to demand the release of political prisoners including Liliany Obando. She has campaigned against...

Mar 1 2010 11:52AM
Robin Hood tax

The Robin Hood tax is a proposed tax on speculative banking transactions. It is a tax that takes from the rich and gives to the poor. The proceeds could be used in the fight against global poverty and climate change. Years ago a top...