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When law firms exploit human rights

Afua Hirsch writes in the Guardian about some law firms that profess to care about human rights while making money from questionable activities such as business from vulture funds.  She points to Dechert, an international law firm with offices in London, and mentions a protest made by the Jubilee Debt Campaign.  I see on that website an update about the Conservative MP who objected to the passage of a bill to control vulture funds in parliament on Friday; George Osborne says that the Conservative front bench did not support or collude in the objection and that they will allow the bill to progress when it is debated again tomorrow.

Sebastian: I am not too reassured by the fact that a major law firm such as Dechert has many highly qualified and experienced staff.  One part of their contribution to the consultation on legislation on vulture funds cited the Human Rights Act and claimed that it protected the activities of the vulture funds; the government response, presumably with input from highly qualified and experienced lawyers, did not take that idea seriously.  

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