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Who was the MP who scuppered the bill to control vultures?

A Conservative MP (who does not seem to have been identified and has not yet owned up) has objected to the passage of the bill in parliament that seeks to control vulture funds.  Might it have been Christopher Chope?  He had already tried to talk the bill out by talking for two hours, finding lots to say about proposed regulation of sunbeds.  He has denied to Cathy Newman of Channel 4 that it was him and has pointed the finger at Philip Davies but he may not even have been in the chamber at the time.  See also this article in the Guardian.  With not much time before the election, perhaps less than two months, this delaying tactic may have stopped the bill becoming law in this parliament.    

I have an idea for a scheme to put such MPs into African villages for a year without mobile phone and without expense account.  It could be very educational for them although I have to admit that it could be hazardous.

Campaigners are understandably dismayed and are asking questions about who the MP was and whether his action had the support of the Conservative front bench. 

Find out more about vulture funds from the Jubilee Debt Campaign and see what I have written previously about the funds

Update, 13 March 2010:  An article in the Independent says that it has emerged that the MP who raised his objection was Christopher Chope.  You can also read an article in the Bournemouth Echo, a paper that covers Chope's Christchurch constituency.  


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