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November 2009 (20)
Nov 30 2009 9:43AM
Vulture funds sue Liberia for £12 million

Vulture funds are to sue Liberia for £12 million in the High Court in London. I wrote before about the campaign against vulture funds. They seek to make a profit from exploiting some of the poorest people in the world. The amount...

Nov 30 2009 9:40AM
UK taxpayers funding the destruction of my homeland

The tar sands industry is destroying the homeland of one of Canada's First Nations. Royal Bank of Scotland is involved and that bank now has a majority share holding by the government. That means that if you as a taxpayer are not happy...

Nov 30 2009 9:38AM
Cover-up of civilian casualties in Afghanistan: German minister quits

A minister in the German government has resigned. Franz Josef Jung admitted that the government withheld information about civilian casualties from a Nato airstrike in Afghanistan. He was defence minister at the time. Kate Connolly...

Nov 29 2009 12:17AM
Amnesty Magazine: Irene Khan on Power and Poverty

Irene Khan, Secretary General of Amnesty International, writes on Power and Poverty in the latest issue of Amnesty Magazine, for November/December 2009. She asserts that the powerlessness of poor people is a key problem. She refers to...

Nov 28 2009 11:50PM
Women suffering from the rule on no recourse to public funds

Campaigners converged on parliament on 4 November 2009 to challenge the "no recourse" rule; see the article in Amnesty Magazine for November/December 2009. Also see Amnesty's web page: Women trapped in cycle of violence by UK law...

Nov 24 2009 11:10PM
Amnesty magazine: a senator on the death penalty

The November/December 2009 issue of Amnesty Magazine includes How racism keeps the executioner at work, an article by Georgia State Senator, Nan Orrock. She writes that blacks who kill whites are eleven times more likely to be executed...

Nov 24 2009 10:17PM
Vigil at Fort Benning, Georgia

Every year there is a vigil and protest at the gates of Fort Benning, Georgia, where the taxpayers of the USA fund a college for training police and military personnel from Latin America. Many of the graduates of the School of the...

Nov 24 2009 9:46PM
Michael Palin goes to...

Michael Palin is known for his television films of travels to the Sahara, the Himalayas, or around the planet. His latest travels are much nearer home. He has been visiting the refugees who live in the council estates of larger cities...

Nov 21 2009 10:39AM
Vigil at Fort Benning, Georgia:  Justice in the Americas

Despite my advice to Barack Obama the School of the Americas has not been closed down so it is time to protest again, on 20 to 22 November 2009. From all over the USA and from further away in the Americas thousands are converging at...

Nov 20 2009 4:06PM
Where is the worst place in the world for children?

UNICEF has produced its latest report on life for children in different countries. Have a guess before you click. Where do you think is the worst country for children to grow up? The report from UNICEF is called The State of the World...

Nov 16 2009 9:14AM
Apology for sending children to Australia

Gordon Brown is to apologise for policy of sending children to Australia. The practice continued into the 1960s. In some cases the children were told that they were orphans even when this was not true.

Nov 16 2009 9:08AM
Somali village life - in Wales?

I wrote before about Human Zoos but there is a Somali village in mid-Wales with a much more positive mission.

Nov 16 2009 9:01AM
Panorama investigates loan sharks

Swimming with Loan Sharks was shown on the BBC on 16 November 2009. Swimming with such sharks is of course not a good idea but in recession-hit Britain desperate people do turn to them. As well as suffering from even worse debt they...

Nov 15 2009 10:52PM
Dispatches on Channel 4 looks at the Israel lobby

Inside the Israel Lobby was shown in the Dispatches series on Monday 16 November 2009.

Nov 10 2009 6:04PM
Unreported World shows the persecution of widows in Nepal

Unreported World meets the widows of Nepal in the Channel 4 programme at 7:35 pm on Friday 13 November 2009. The title of the film is Nepal: The Living Dead. You can also read the Reporter's Log by Yemi Ipaye.

Nov 8 2009 3:17PM
Moves towards outlawing extraordinary rendition

An all-party group of MPs has recommended criminalising the use of facilities in the UK for extraordinary rendition flights. This would also affect territories of the UK such as Diego Garcia in the Indian Ocean. An Italian court has...

Nov 8 2009 3:08PM
Millions of pounds of compensation may not reach the right people

£30 million intended for compensation for victims of toxic waste may be lost due to corruption in the Ivory Coast's regime. It was paid by the company Trafigura in an out-of-court settlement in London and deposited in a bank in Abidjan...

Nov 4 2009 11:31AM
Channel 4 Unreported World goes to the southern Sudan

Channel 4's Unreported World film South Sudan – how to fuel a famine was shown on Friday 6 November 2009 at 7:35 in the evening. You can read the reporter's log by Ramita Navia. It is Darfur in the west of Sudan that has been more in...

Nov 4 2009 11:24AM
Michael Ashcroft's wealth and the power that comes with it

In the Observer Nick Cohen writes about Ashcroft and drews a parallel with fictional characters in a short story by Rudyard Kipling, The Man Who Would Be King, who say that small, backward countries are the easiest to dominate. The...

Nov 1 2009 6:50PM
Channel 4 programme: The Human Zoo - Science's Dirty Secret  

Channel 4 at 7 pm this evening showed The Human Zoo: Science's Dirty Secret. Back in the 19th and early 20th century people from what seemed strange and exotic cultures were exhibited in major cities in Europe and North America. One...