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Michael Ashcroft's wealth and the power that comes with it

In the Observer Nick Cohen writes about Ashcroft and drews a parallel with fictional characters in a short story by Rudyard Kipling, The Man Who Would Be King, who say that small, backward countries are the easiest to dominate. The small country dominated by Michael Ashcroft is Belize in Central America. 

I do blog against inequality, especially when that inequality is gross, so that the few have great wealth at the expense of the poor masses. There are questions about what has happened to £5 million given by Venezuela to Belize.  Well, it is not quite as bad as it might be, for only half of it is missing. 

Jamie Doward and Ian Cobain write in the Observer that there is growing unrest in Belize about Ashcroft's business holdings and that the storm could reach Conservative Central Office.  I did not mention it earlier but Michael Ashcroft is deputy chairman of the party.  There are rumours that Lord Ashcroft could be considered for a senior foreign policy job in a future Conservative government. 

One of the things Michael Ashcroft does with his money is to give it to Conservative campaigns in marginal constituencies.  It is in those constituencies that parliamentary elections are decided in our electoral system.

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