June 2009 (7)
Jun 28 2009 3:47AM
A vote for the School of the Americas to be more open

I have written before about the School of the Americas, where military and police from Latin America attend courses. Many of them have gone on to commit serious abuses of human rights including killings. SOA Watch have now achieved one...

Jun 24 2009 12:15AM
Military assistance to Colombia

More than 240 MPs have signed a motion (EDM 713) to freeze UK military aid to Colombia until human rights concerns have been satisfied. It is unusual for an Early Day Motion to attract so much support. Among 243 who have signed the...

Jun 22 2009 11:08AM
Stop the vultures

You might expect VeggieKris to be against vultures but it is not the carnivorous birds I am talking about. MPs demand an end to debt vultures. Brave Sally Keeble (seen with a vulture perched on her hand) has tabled a motion in...

Jun 19 2009 4:37PM
Music Against Racism

If you Love Music and Hate Racism have a look at these events. Shropshire had a Love Music, Hate Racism event on Saturday 20 June 2009 at Shrewsbury College. It was not far from me but I was not able to attend. Maybe you did?

Jun 16 2009 4:41PM
Out of Africa

A BBC series presented by Alice Roberts, The Incredible Human Journey, has been showing the way that humans spread out of Africa to populate the rest of the world. Yes, even the leaders of the British National Party have African...

Jun 4 2009 11:20PM
Did you vote?

I have just walked down the road to vote in the local and European elections. When many politicians have been found with their snouts in the trough it is easy to get cynical and to feel that no politician can be trusted but I feel that...

Jun 3 2009 11:48PM
Tiananmen will not be forgotten

Kate Adie writes on the BBC website that Tiananmen will not be forgotten and she returned to Tiananmen on this evening's BBC 2 programme. I missed all but the last part of the film but like many Amnesty supporters I already knew that...