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January 2010 (7)
Jan 29 2010 3:13PM
Human Rights in Haiti: Belfast seminar

Paige Jennings, who used to be an Amnesty researcher on Haiti and a former UN human rights observer there, recently blogged here about the situation post-earthquake. She'll be giving further reflections in person next week in a seminar...

Jan 29 2010 9:50AM
Northern Ireland offered pale shadow of Bill of Rights

Published today in the Belfast Telegraph : -------------------------------------------------------- Colin Harvey is dead right in his assertion that – whatever the outcome of the discussions over the devolution of policing and justice...

Jan 28 2010 11:17AM
Equality for all must now be set in Stormont stone

With permission, I'm reproducing the excellent opinion piece in today's Belfast Telegraph by Prof Colin Harvey, Amnesty member and Commissioner on the NI Human Rights Commission. This is a cut down and reworked version of a feature...

Jan 22 2010 3:40PM
Haiti: from injustice to catastrophe

Paige Wilhite Jennings, who used to be a researcher on Haiti for Amnesty and a former UN human rights observer there, contacted me this week. She is now settled in Northern Ireland, but the tragic events in Haiti moved her to write...

Jan 20 2010 11:38AM
Living in and reporting on conflict

On Belfast and Beyond we're fans of veteran Northern Ireland journalist Brian (Barney) Rowan. Journalistically speaking, he knows where the bodies are buried and literally speaking, he knows many of the the combatants – on all sides -...

Jan 19 2010 12:30PM
Haiti and the human right to housing

Nearly twenty years ago, I worked as a security guard in New York (don’t laugh!) I had no Taser, but was side-armed instead with a powerful torch and a walkie-talkie to call colleagues in case of emergency. One of those colleagues was...

Jan 3 2010 12:52PM
Safer or more exposed?

In the wake of the attempt to blow up an airliner as it landed in Detroit , the world's attention is once again on the airports, and, more specifically, airport security. Some perhaps faced the prospect of flying home from winter...