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August 2009 (6)
Aug 29 2009 10:50AM
Romanian evictions:  a political matter not a private one...

The recent evictions of Romanians from a house in South Belfast should be considered a political matter concerning civil and socio-economic rights, rather than as a purely private dispute between individuals. Commenting on the latest...

Aug 24 2009 12:27AM
The Yes Men Fix The World: film review

I reviewed this new comedy / politics documentary film for the BBC's Sunday Sequence programme, along with actor and writer Dan Gordon (you can listen again, here, 22mins 30secs in). I'd never heard of the Yes Men before now – although...

Aug 14 2009 9:53AM
Cause for celebration:  Hicham Yezza is free

Some good news: I’ve just heard that Hicham Yezza has been freed from prison. Hicham, a member of staff in the Faculty of Modern Languages at Nottingham University, was arrested under the Terrorism Act 2000 on 14 May 2008. As reported...

Aug 12 2009 10:13AM
Snogging, swine flu and Insein Prison

In my day, a snog at the end of the ceilí at Loch an Iúir during Irish language summer camp – Donegal Gaeltacht-style – would get you no more bother than a ribbing from your house mates and a red face when you met the girl at class the...

Aug 11 2009 3:40PM
Why the death penalty is wrong!

As human rights activists we all strongly believe in the values contained within the Universal Declaration of Human Rights. Therefore when I read an article in the Belfast Telegraph with a rather muddled argument that the death penalty...

Aug 2 2009 10:27AM
A  valedictory post

And so my time has come to leave Amnesty International as a campaigner, I have been involved with Amnesty in Northern Ireland for just short of five years, in a variety of roles. Five challenging, fascinating years which have only...