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May 2009 (9)
May 27 2009 1:23PM
UN backs Northern Ireland Bill of Rights

The United Nations has backed Northern Ireland proposals for a Bill of Rights. "The Committee notes the draft Bill of Rights for Northern Ireland, which includes economic, social and cultural rights which are justiciable and calls for...

May 22 2009 12:38PM
Northern Ireland Bill of Rights: let the people have their say

I previously blogged about Shaun 'Seven Houses' Woodward – the ‘butler-toting’ , Secretary of State for Northern Ireland, potentially seeking to deny the inclusion of basic housing rights and other economic rights protections in a NI...

May 20 2009 4:13PM
Beyond Belief: Amnesty, the Catholic Church and child abuse

Today a little more is told of the shocking truth about the role of the Catholic Church in Ireland in the endemic physical and sexual abuse of children and its systematic cover-up. The Child Abuse Commission report tells of how church...

May 13 2009 11:08AM
Bill of Rights: politicians out of touch with ordinary people?

It's not a great time to be a politician (although, of course, there are compensations ). The daily (Telegraph) revelations of politicians 'fiddling' while the economy burns have left people feeling understandably angry. Questions are...

May 8 2009 4:55PM
A letter to John Bolton

Dear Mr Bolton, Please excuse me for using the blunt instrument of the Amnesty International blog to reply to your opinion editorial in yesterday’s Guardian. In your piece you accuse President Obama of a “lack of leadership” for his...

May 7 2009 2:13PM
Its the STUPID Economy

It’s the Stupid Economy, that’s that was the title of Mark Thomas’s gig at the Cathedral Quarter Arts Festival. Two hours plus, of fast paced improvisation and observational anecdotes, about the state of the world. It invited audience...

May 7 2009 1:46AM
'This machine surrounds hate and forces it to surrender': Pete Seeger at 90

Pete Seeger has turned ninety. His life and career are so illustrious that any potted history can't do him justice, so see his entry at wikipedia for more detail. There you can learn of his role in the folk revival from the date in...

May 6 2009 2:36AM
BOOK REVIEW: 'Into the Killing Zone: Dispatches from the Frontline in Afghanistan'

'Into the Killing Zone: Dispatches from the Frontline in Afghanistan' , Sean Rayment (Hardback, 288 pages, Constable, rrp £18.99, available £13.29) With the media reporting that citations for bravery earned by soldiers of the Royal...

May 1 2009 3:14AM
European election hustings, Belfast: vote for human rights

Yesterday evening's European election hustings staged in Belfast by the Coalition of Aid and Development Agencies (CADA), of which Amnesty is a member, may be the only occasion during the Northern Ireland campaign in which...