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December 2008 (10)
Dec 30 2008 8:02PM
New Year's Wishes

"Apathy can be overcome by enthusiasm, and enthusiasm can only be aroused by two things: first, an ideal, which takes the imagination by storm, and second, a definite intelligible plan for carrying that ideal into practice." - Arnold...

Dec 25 2008 1:14AM
Santa and the the child's right to play

It's just turned Christmas Day in the Corrigan household. Our three elves are all in bed and Santa Claus is expected anytime now. Being a hi-tech family, we've been tracking his progress across the world on the NORAD website , which...

Dec 17 2008 12:33AM
The Nativity story - a modern-day human rights tale

Having just attended my boys' nativity plays (well done everyone at All Children's Primary in Newcastle, Co Down!) my mind wanders to the series of flagrant human rights abuses related in the biblical tale and how they might be...

Dec 14 2008 11:13PM
BOOK REVIEW: Chasing the Flame - Sergio Vieira de Mello and the Fight to Save the World

Chasing the Flame: Sergio Vieira de Mello and the Fight to Save the World (Hardback, 640 pages, Allen Lane, rrp £25, available £17.50) Samantha Power is mostly famous for one thing on this side of the Atlantic. She was the foreign...

Dec 11 2008 4:54PM
Northern Ireland Bill of Rights: people not politics #2

As previously blogged , I got along to the handover yesterday of the advice from the Northern Ireland Human Rights Commission to the UK government on the shape and content of a NI Bill of Rights. Hours before the advice had even been...

Dec 10 2008 1:07AM
Northern Ireland Bill of Rights: people not politics

Today is international Human Rights Day and, ten years after the Multi-Party (Belfast/Good Friday) Agreement , we will finally see the advice on the shape and content of a Bill of Rights for Northern Ireland handed over by the NI Human...

Dec 9 2008 11:13AM
Families of 'disappeared' make final appeal for bodies

Family members of those 'disappeared' during the Northern Ireland conflict have made an appeal – probably a last throw of the dice – for information as to the whereabouts of the remains of their loved ones. Amnesty supporter and actor...

Dec 5 2008 9:27AM
Contemplating evil

Does evil exist? Does it matter? I'm prompted to ask by the front-page headline in my morning metro (in London today): " The 'pure evil' of Shannon mother ". The description comes from the policeman heading up the case into the three...

Dec 3 2008 10:53AM
Cluster bombs: Ireland leads the way

Great news today as over 100 countries line up in Oslo to sign the Convention on Cluster Munitions, a treaty for which Amnesty's members and allies worldwide have battled long and hard. The fact that the Republic of Ireland is one of...

Dec 1 2008 10:11PM
Sex trafficking: ending the cycle of violence in Northern Ireland

After a successful brothel raid by the PSNI in south Belfast at the end of last week, Amnesty generated a flurry of media interest in our campaign to secure protection for the rescued victims of human trafficking. We remain concerned...