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September 2008 (12)
Sep 29 2008 11:51AM
Happy 2nd Birthday to us!

The Belfast and Beyond blog has just turned two. What have been your favourite B&B stories? We've been following the Taser saga from day one and the story is still going strong. Indeed this blog broke new ground when we published the...

Sep 26 2008 9:14PM
ID cards: first they came for the foreign students

First they came for the foreign students, and I didn't speak up because I was not a foreign student. Then they came for those on marriage visas, and I didn't speak up because that didn't apply to me. Then it was the turn of the airport...

Sep 25 2008 10:25PM
Northern Ireland Truth Commission moves step closer

A Northern Ireland Truth Commission moved a step closer to reality today with the call by Sinn Féin leader Gerry Adams for such a body to be established to deal with the legacy of the thirty-year conflict. His endorsement of the idea...

Sep 24 2008 12:18AM
Stay of execution!

Great news – at least, for now – fresh off the wires from Amnesty USA Blogs: "The Supreme Court of the United States has blocked the scheduled execution of Troy Davis! The Court issued an order staying the execution until Monday to...

Sep 22 2008 1:33AM
Will economic crisis lessen war?

Over the next couple of years there will be many personal tragedies triggered by the current global economic crisis: jobs lost in Halifax, Edinburgh and London are just the start. Yet could the financial crash have a silver lining...

Sep 19 2008 2:02AM
Zimbabwe's First and Deputy First Ministers

Zimbabwe's 'First and Deputy First Ministers' Robert Mugabe and Morgan Tsvangirai seem about as comfortable in their power-sharing deal as our own current incumbents Robinson and McGuinness. The former face the mightier challenge by...

Sep 13 2008 11:20AM
Belfast child to end police Taser use?

As previewed on Belfast and Beyond (Tasers: shocks and secrets) some weeks ago, a Belfast child has applied for and yesterday won the right to challenge the PSNI's decision to start using Tasers. If successful, the child's court...

Sep 10 2008 11:52PM
Death of a journalist

The arrest on Tuesday of five people by police investigating the murder of Sunday World journalist Martin O'Hagan in Lurgan seven years ago reminds us that no-one has yet been brought to justice for this crime (sadly, just like so many...

Sep 10 2008 12:33PM
Last Man Hanging: Newsletter debate

When I was asked to write a short 300 word piece for the Newsletter on the Death Penalty, ( see below) I didn't know that my opponent would be no less that Ian Junior. Now I am used to be called a "wishy washy liberal", in fact I am...

Sep 8 2008 2:37AM
Last Man Hanging

On telly tonight in Northern Ireland: Last Man Hanging (BBC 1 NI) 9pm I mentioned this case in a blog about the death penalty last November and here is the chance to review it on the small screen. From the BBC's blurb: "In 1961 Newry...

Sep 7 2008 11:57PM
Arms: Northern Ireland's import-export business

At the risk of coming across as Forrest Gump with bad timing (see previous post: ('One night (not) in Bangkok'), last Tuesday I sort of stumbled across the Belfast end of an international arms bust. As I passed the Europa Hotel, I...

Sep 7 2008 11:43AM
One night (not) in Bangkok

I can't remember exactly who told us the news. Maybe the manager of the backpackers' hostel in Perth, where we were spending our last night in Australia before heading to Bangkok. It was to be the final leg of our year-long post...