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January 2008 (7)
Jan 25 2008 11:23AM
A Crude Awakening to the human rights impact of the Oil industry

Our reliance on fossil fuels and in particular oil defies any sort of foreign policy rationale. Oil is sourced from one of the most volatile regions, the Middle East, natural Gas from Iran and Russia. None of these are exactly paragons...

Jan 25 2008 12:12AM
Holocaust Memorial Day - remember, reflect and react

Not long back from Northern Ireland's Holocaust Memorial Day event, which was held this evening in the Great Hall of Parliament Buildings at Stormont. This was the seventh such annual event of commemoration and dedication to prevent a...

Jan 21 2008 11:39AM
Popular support growing for Northern Ireland Bill of Rights

A public opinion survey from campaign coalition, the Human Rights Consortium , indicates that support for a Northern Ireland Bill of Rights is growing.According to the survey , conducted by independent market researchers Millward Brown...

Jan 10 2008 10:14AM
Chris Sidoti on why NI needs a Bill of Rights

There's been some criticism lately (most notably from the Church of Ireland Gazette ) of the need for a Bill of Rights. So it's good to see Chris Sidoti , independent Chair of the Northern Ireland Bill of Rights Forum, setting out the...

Jan 8 2008 8:19PM
Omagh investigation debacle: where's the police accountability?

Despite my earlier thoughts that Sir Ronnie Flanagan's days as head of Her Majesty's Inspectorate of Constabulary could be numbered, now it looks like he can stay on as long as he likes, despite the Omagh bombing investigation debacle...

Jan 8 2008 11:07AM
How to protest Guantanamo Bay?

I must admit that my gut reaction was one of discomfort: would we manifest our solidarity with the victims of CIA waterboarding with a parody of this torture in a Belfast swimming pool? I think my unease comes down to this. The...

Jan 7 2008 9:23PM
A victory, of sorts, for justice

Well done and thank you to all Amnesty's members and supporters locally, who have helped through the years to keep up the pressure in the case of Scot, Kenny Richey, who has just been released from death row in Ohio after 21 years in...