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October 2007 (3)
Oct 24 2007 9:50PM
Burmese PM-in-exile in Belfast demands arms export controls

A busy day beckons tomorrow (Thursday) as the Burmese PM-in-exile, Dr Sein Win , arrives in town, with Amnesty as hosts. As well as a meeting with OFMDFM at Stormont Castle, there are party group meetings at the Assembly with...

Oct 17 2007 10:46PM
The Bill of Rights just got interesting

The Bill of Rights debate just got interesting this last week ... or at least a lot more people seemed to start to take an interest now that, at last, the hitherto slow pace of progress is quickening. First up was professional cynic...

Oct 10 2007 10:41AM
Tasers - Chief Constable does about turn

Despite his commitment - only days ago - not to proceed with deployment of Tasers until human rights and equality concerns were met, Chief Constable Sir Hugh Orde has now done an about-turn and aims to pilot the devices regardless. The...