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2010 (35)
Dec 12 2010 2:29PM
Torture, Saudi Arabia.

Please read this story I did for The Scotsman newspaper. It tells the story of an innocent Briton tortured in Saudi Arabia and his ten year fight for justice.…...

Nov 22 2010 4:51PM
English Defence League.

Here's a link to an article I wrote for Al Jazeera about the far right English Defence League. The pictures were taken by my colleague, Angela Catlin, one of Britain's best photographers.

Nov 7 2010 6:40PM
Child Trafficking.

Here's a story I did for Scotland On Sunday today about child trafficking to the UK. The article focuses on the particularly disturbing story of a Nigerian girl trafficked to Scotland recently.

Oct 29 2010 10:37AM

Please read the following report by Human Rights Watch which highlights the deaths of journalists who have criticised Iraq's Kurdistan regional government. Thanks for your time. Billy Briggs. Iraqi Kurdistan: Journalists Under Threat...

Oct 4 2010 5:23PM

Urgent – can you help? UNITY in Glasgow – an organisation that helps asylum seekers – is urgently looking for accommodation for a 26 year old woman from the Democratic Republic of Congo until the 17th October. If you can help please...

Sep 29 2010 2:17PM
Guyana, atrocities, protest.

Please read the following which was sent to me by a colleague. It concerns a protest planned for next Tuesday in London. JOINT DEMONSTRATION AGAINST HUMAN RIGHTS ATROCITIES IN GUYANA PARTICIPATION FROM GUYANESE IN UK, CANADA, USA &...

Sep 27 2010 3:35PM
Northern Ireland's Paramilitary Murals - Time for Change?

The following link will take you to an article of mine published by Al Jazeera. It documents the role of former terrorists in Northern Ireland in changing contentious paramilitary murals as part of the peace process. http://english...

Sep 19 2010 3:21PM
Gypsies/Roma, Scotland,

Please see below an article published today by the Sunday Herald. ://… Thanks for your time. Billy Briggs.

Sep 5 2010 12:48PM
Commonwealth Games-Delhi-National pride or shame?

I'm recently back from Delhi, India, where I documented a raft of human rights abuses ahead of the Commonwealth Games. Please read the article below which was published today by Sunday Herald newspaper in Scotland. http://www...

Aug 4 2010 11:22AM
Cameroon, journalist, Help.

Charles has been given a reprieve so many thanks to anyone who lobbied on his behalf. The campaign continues to secure his safety in Britain.…...

Jul 30 2010 11:14AM
Russia, pre-crime arrests, new law.

There's a new law to be enacted in Russia that will result in people being arrested before any crime is actually committed. It's akin to the 1992 film Minority Report starring Tom Cruise and has major repercussions for human rights...

Jul 29 2010 11:21AM
Bedouins evicted in the Negev Desert.

I witnessed for myself a Bedouin village being demolished by Israeli police in the Negev Desert in December 2009. Here's a new article by the BBC about 300 people being made homeless this week in similar circumstances. There's a video...

Jul 28 2010 2:17PM
Cameroon, journalist, Help.

Please read and help. Thanks, Charles Atangana is a journalist and asylum seeker from Cameroon who arrived in the UK in May 2004. A professional journalist and an active member of the Cameroon Journalists Trade Union (CJTU/SNJC)...

Jul 18 2010 5:06PM

Here's an article I wrote for Sunday Herald newspaper in Scotland about Mordechai Vanunu which is published today.…...

Jun 30 2010 11:04AM

Please read my feature on victims of torture living in the UK which was published by The Herald on Saturday 26th June to chime with the UN's International Torture Day.

Jun 28 2010 11:42AM

Dear Friends, Charles Antangana, a journalist and asylum seeker who was a judge in the Refugee Week Scotland Media Awards, has been detained by the Home Office pending deportation to Cameroon on Tuesday (tomorrow). Charles has lived in...

Jun 23 2010 10:05AM
China, Tibet, Torture.

A jailed Tibetan environmentalist used the opening of his trial to accuse Chinese captors of beatings, sleep deprivation and other maltreatment, his wife told reporters. Karma Samdrup – a prominent businessman and award-winning...

Jun 16 2010 3:26PM
Egypt, police brutality.… Amnesty International is calling for an immediate, full and independent investigation into the brutal killing of a 28-year-old...

Jun 7 2010 10:13AM

EIGHT people found guilty of negligence for their roles in Union Carbide gas disaster…

May 19 2010 10:57AM
detention of children, UK, asylum seekers

The Beeb is reporting that child asylum seekers will no longer be detained at Dungavel Detention Centre in Scotland but…. Thanks for your time.