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April 2008 (7)
Apr 19 2008 1:13PM
IRAQ REFUGEE CRISIS - a diary from Damascus.

Thanksfor reading my posts from Damascus. Photographer Angie Catlin and I are currently in the process of producing an exhibition on Iraqi refugees to be held in Glasgow in June as part of Refugee Week. We've interviewedaround 30...

Apr 16 2008 12:04PM
IRAQ REFUGEE CRISIS - A diary from Damascus.

We went back to Saida Zeinab yesterday to conduct more interviews with refugees and were invited into the home of a family who left Baghdad for Damascus in November, 2006. The family were too afraid to provide their real names, as they...

Apr 14 2008 2:14PM
IRAQ REFUGEE CRISIS - a diary from Damascus.

Over the past few days we've heard some harrowing stories from the refugees, but one interview we conducted yesterday really got to Angie and I. We met with Wayhda Abead Al Wahed, a mother of six children, at her two roomed home in the...

Apr 9 2008 10:41AM
IRAQ REFUGEE CRISIS - A diary from Damascus.

Yesterday I met with three refugee families living together in only one flat in the Jeramana area, east Damascus. In total there are 14 people sharing one living room, two bedrooms, a kitchen and a bathroom. These people are Sabians...

Apr 7 2008 6:05PM
IRAQ REFUGEE CRISIS - A diary from Damascus.

We visited 'Iraqi Street' in the Saida Zeinab district of Damascus today to meet with more refugees, accompanied, of course, by a Syrian government minder to ensure we that did not stray from places we had permission to work in. I...

Apr 4 2008 9:26AM

Today we visited a UNHCR centre at 'President Bridge' in Damascus where registered refugees come to collect food and supplies. Once every two months people are allocated a food ration of rice, tea, oil, sugar, lentils rice and pasta...

Apr 1 2008 3:12PM
IRAQ REFUGEE CRISIS - A diary from Damascus.

I'm in Damascus for a week with photographer Angie Catlin to interview Iraqi refugees for a project we're working on in conjunction with the Scottish Refugee Council. Alas, hiccups from the outset. When we arrived at the airport last...