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April 2009 (19)
Apr 30 2009 5:19PM
fighting in Pakistan puts people in country at risk

Chaos would be one word to describe the situation in Pakistan at the moment. More than 65,000 people in the country’s North West Frontier Province have been caught up in the fighting between the Taleban and Pakistan’s government forces...

Apr 29 2009 1:51PM
Obama's 100 days in 100 words

Stealing an idea from the BBC’s Justin Webb, today I’m doing exactly 100 words on Obama’s first 100 days! So here’s my (super-brief!) evaluation. Good things: promising Guantánamo's termination within a year, announcing the closure of...

Apr 27 2009 2:33PM
Marnie Pearce released!

Great news this morning, that Marnie Pearce, a British woman jailed in Dubai for adultery, has been released. Amnesty has supported Marnie Pearce’s case from the outset and repeatedly called for her unconditional release. The Sunday...

Apr 24 2009 3:02PM
Time for the Pakistani government to stop fiddling

Heavy claims have been laid at the feet of the Pakistani government over the past few days as the Taleban have increased their hold on towns across the country. Senator Hilary Clinton described the Pakistan government as ‘abdicating to...

Apr 23 2009 6:12PM
A glimmer of hope for Marnie Pearce

I had one of those strange Amnesty moments today when you’re a bit fed up for all the wrong reasons. I was meant to be accompanying our Campaigns Director down to the embassy of the United Arab Emirates to hand in a petition for Marnie...

Apr 22 2009 7:55PM
Sri Lanka Endgame?

Good discussion on the Today programme this morning on what is likely to happen next in Sri Lanka. Even if the Tamil Tigers are militarily defeated in the next few days or so, the conflict will not be ended because no political...

Apr 21 2009 3:57PM
Big Brother stalks newsrooms in Fiji

I’ve had a soft spot for Fiji ever since my dad took me to see my first rugby international at Twickenham when I was about 10 – England versus this island that I’d never heard of. They played a really exciting, open passing game, they...

Apr 20 2009 2:15PM
Sri Lanka hits the headlines again

It’s Monday morning, I’m just back from holiday – and sadly some things just seem to show no sign of getting any better.What am I talking about? Sri Lanka of course.The humanitarian disaster there has once more brought London’s Tamil...

Apr 17 2009 3:05PM
A memo to Obama

President Obama has his foot firmly on the brake. In fact, he's already been footling around with the reverse gear. Famously fast out of the traps with his second-day-in-office “executive orders” against torture and Guantánamo Bay...

Apr 16 2009 6:23PM
Young woman faces execution in Iran - only days left to intervene

The Iranian media is reporting that Delara Darabi, an Iranian girl facing execution whom Amnesty’s been been campaigning for since 2007, could be executed as soon as Monday 20th April. We’re asking people to take urgent action to try...

Apr 15 2009 3:09PM
Who wants to get out of Guantánamo?

So there you are – facing Chris Tarrant, you’re one correct answer off the big one (a cool million) and you don’t know the answer to the question. You know what you’re going to do, don’t you? Yes – phone a friend. Instead, try this one...

Apr 14 2009 1:22PM
No your honour, I didn't murder anyone, I just tried to defend the family's honour

I've blogged before about “honour killings” in the Kurdistan region of northern Iraq – the area seems blighted by them. And, as blog readers will recall, it was a Kurdish family living in London who in 2006 killed Banaz Mahmod, the 20...

Apr 9 2009 4:02PM
Should genocide suspects be allowed to avoid trial?

Yesterday’s decision taken by the High Court not to extradite four men suspected of involvement in the Rwandan genocide may have been an historic step, but it is deeply unsatisfactory. The High Court was quite right to insist that...

Apr 8 2009 5:19PM
Panic on the streets of London Bangkok, Chisanu, Colombo

Lots of talk about protest today- not least the shocking footage that the Guardian’s got hold of, showing riot police shoving Ian Tomlinson to the ground shortly before he died of a heart attack. Some witnesses are saying that he has...

Apr 7 2009 4:58PM
The g-word

When Niluccio used the term ‘the g-word’ in our morning roundup today, I quickly whispered to another colleague, asking what he meant. Genocide. Yes, a word with serious charges and devastating consequences – definitely not a term to...

Apr 6 2009 2:07PM
Preen for me: Karzais vision of Afghan women?

So, why are our troops in Afghanistan if they’re helping to defend a government like this one? … was the question in a couple of interviews I’ve done since I last blogged on Friday. Bearing in mind that interviewers were referring to...

Apr 3 2009 4:55PM
Through a camera phone darkly: Swat valley sadists and the attack on womens rights

It’s an echo of that (even grimmer, horribly grotesque in fact) mobile phone footage of another teenage girl being punished, filmed and then broadcast around the world as a “warning” and an “example”. A couple of years ago a teenager...

Apr 2 2009 2:29PM
Hell Holes

Who are the most difficult group of people to campaign onbehalf of? Who do people care least about? Prisoners. Why? The argument goes something like: Otherpeople who suffer injustice, poverty or disease have done nothing to deserveit...

Apr 1 2009 5:02PM
Getting detained in Syria: it's nail-biting stuff

A reflection: many years ago, back in my early days at Amnesty (a very long time ago, actually) there was a leaflet which asked people to think about everyday household items and how they can be used for non-conventional means. Well...