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Sri Lanka Endgame?

Good discussion on the Today programme this morning on what is likely to happen next in Sri Lanka. Even if the Tamil Tigers are militarily defeated in the next few days or so, the conflict will not be ended because no political solution to Tamil grievances is being pursued.

So what do civilians in the area where there is fighting have to look forward to? Some of those who want to risk leaving their homes and who are able to escape the fighting can get to the camps the government has set up referred to in this blog earlier this week. But there is little prospect of any lasting peace and hundreds of thousands of people must be very frightened about what the immediate and longer-term future holds for them and their families.

And all the while, as this crisis comes to a climax, the governments media ban continues making it very difficult for the international community to really know whats going on. This week the government has made claims about rescuing tens of thousands of civilians, but the Red Cross disputes this.

Amnestys Sri Lanka expert is in London right now, but spent a lot of last night Skype-ing with people on the ground in the country.  She tells us what theyre saying is really happening in the clip below

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