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March 2008 (17)
Mar 31 2008 3:13PM
Times theyre a-changing

Bob Dylan summed up the current events surrounding Zimbabwe’s elections succinctly when he wrote this: “Come writers and critics Who prophesize with your pen And keep your eyes wide The chance won't come again And don't speak too soon...

Mar 28 2008 1:27PM
Chinese stardust and PR disaster

Can’t beat a bit of stardust on a Friday, and well a big thanks to Emily Dugan in The Independent for providing it. She’s tracked down the TV presenter Konnie Huq. The former Blue Peter star is also one of the 80 odd torchbearers when...

Mar 27 2008 1:45PM
Still Human, Still Here

"Shameful”, “inhumane”, “oppressive”, “indefensible”, “adversarial”, “wholly unjustified”, a “blemish” on Britain’s reputation, and treatment that falls "seriously below the standards to be expected of a humane and civilised society”...

Mar 26 2008 12:44PM
Elections in Zimbabwe: never without drama

Elections in Zimbabwe are never uneventful. Just three days to go now and the country’s opposition party supporters and members are definitely feeling the heat. Amnesty’s Zimbabwe researcher has just returned from mission where he has...

Mar 20 2008 5:11PM
Iraq: five years and counting

It’s an old media trick (and Rageh Omaar’s already done it on ITV earlier this week), but it works – so today I’m starting off with ‘Iraq In Numbers’. To quote Amnesty’s (well-titled) ‘Carnage and despair’ report, the figures tell a...

Mar 19 2008 2:17PM
Spilt ink, spilt blood: Iraq five years on

I was thinking about this the other day – surely Iraq has been the most reported-on war in the entire history of the world. Well, ok, the Second World War got a lot of coverage (books, television programmes) but my theory is that it...

Mar 18 2008 1:48PM
What do we want? Information

One of the parallels between events in Tibet and those in Burma last year – apart from the obvious involvement of monks and the use of military might to crush them – is the way in which footage is finding its way out of the country...

Mar 17 2008 12:45PM
Marking the anniversary of the invasion of Iraq

The countdown is on. This Thursday marks five years since the invasion of Iraq. To mark the anniversary, Amnesty International has put out a briefing document today detailing the wide range of human rights violations that have been...

Mar 13 2008 1:41PM
Is the Government counting the cost to save womens lives?

Most people are counting the pennies after the Government has increased taxes on a bottle of wine by 14 pence, and set higher taxes for car drivers in yesterday’s Budget. But is the Government counting the cost on the amount needed to...

Mar 12 2008 4:16PM
Blow the budget, it's women that matter

OK so who cares about the budget? For us in the media team, it means but one thing: the issues that matter in the world of human rights get pushed aside with a few notable exceptions.So congrats to The Independent for leading on Darfur...

Mar 11 2008 2:19PM
A plague of inverted commas in China (plus bomb plots, protesting monks and some executions)

To coin a phrase that may become rather common in the run-up to 8 August, there’s a lot of news about China at the moment. First there was the ‘terrorist plot’ by ‘Uighur terrorists’ that the authorities ‘foiled’. Why the plague of...

Mar 10 2008 1:49PM
A stain that water will not wash off

Waterboarding and other “enhanced” interrogation techniques have been saved! On Saturday – in a move anticipated and feared by many observers – outgoing US President George W Bush bravely stepped in to preserve the CIA’s right to use...

Mar 7 2008 3:29PM
Life imitating art imitating life

His life read like a Hollywood movie script and, inevitably I suppose, it eventually inspired one. Indeed, even today’s coverage of the arrest of arms dealer Victor Bout – upon whom Nicholas Cage’s character in the film Lord of War was...

Mar 6 2008 2:42PM
Jailbreak (not the Thin Lizzy classic)

Wheres the biggest prison in the world? China? The USA? Russia? No? Any other thoughts? Okay, its a trick question (of a kind), because effectively the worlds biggest prison is the entire Gaza Strip, the Palestinian territory occupied...

Mar 5 2008 7:35PM
Bum note / bad deal  

This blog is from our very own Bibi, who asked me to post it, so... ...another week in the media, and another week with China under the international spotlight in the lead-up to the Games. Now China has reportedly increased its...

Mar 4 2008 12:10PM
Rocky turns human rights defender

The film legend Sylvester Stallone has added another string to his bow. Clearly unhappy at being stereotyped as an all-action hero, he has now turned his sights firmly on becoming a human rights activist.In his latest film, Rambo IV...

Mar 3 2008 2:17PM
Not smiling for the camera

We dont always say enough about photos in journalism in this blog - so today I will! First of all, the Guardians got an appalling one on its front page. Its of a massive crowd in Gaza carrying the dead body of a 21-month-old girl...