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Rocky turns human rights defender

The film legend Sylvester Stallone has added another string to his bow. Clearly unhappy at being stereotyped as an all-action hero, he has now turned his sights firmly on becoming a human rights activist.

In his latest film, Rambo IV, Sly takes on the Burmese military junta in an attempt to protect a group of human rights activists protecting the Karen people. Now while the plot doesnt quite match with reality, the plight of the Burmese people has clearly appealed to the 61-year-old actors heart.

All was revealed in last nights Channel 4 news when he surprised the watching public by speaking eloquently of his concerns for the Karen people. You can view his comments here.

The Karen people have been fighting the Burmese government for nearly 60 years and the BBC produced a fascinating programme on their plight a year ago.

The plight of the Karen is just one of many concerns Amnesty has over the current situation in Burma although Stallones intervention is clearly welcomed. Weve made numerous calls to the countrys ruling military junta, demanding change and a respect of human rights. Weve also voiced concerns over the current situation. However, as of yet, little progress has been made.

So perhaps, having previously overcome the Nazis in Escape to Victory, cleared the world of crime in Judge Dredd, and beaten off all comings in the Rocky series, Sylvester Stallone might have better luck than us at taming the military junta of Burma.

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