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November 2007 (19)
Nov 30 2007 12:44PM
Stop Me If You Think You've Heard This One Before

Lets be clear. The 15-day sentence by a Sudanese court for teacher Gillian Gibbons is a mockery of justice. But I have again been struck by the attention a story has obtained simply because a Briton is involved. Are we really such a...

Nov 29 2007 4:48PM
Mean Streets

More reports emerged today in the media about unrest in Parisian suburbs and the escalating violence between armed rioters engaged in running battles with police following the deaths of two youths whose motorbike collided with a police...

Nov 28 2007 2:37PM
A postcode lottery of a different kind

Did you know that if youre a woman whos been raped, abused at home, trafficked or suffered violence of one sort or another, the chances of getting appropriate specialised services can vary greatly according to where you live. Shocking...

Nov 27 2007 3:44PM
Bibi Special: War of Words

The media today is full of stories about the arrest of British teacher Gillian Gibbons in Sudan after her young pupils chose the Islamic prophets name for their teddy bear. Arrested on a blasphemy charge she may face 40 lashes as...

Nov 26 2007 1:22PM
Two months detention without charge? Bad idea.

Today we joined the growing chorus of opposition to extending pre-charge detention of terrorist suspects, lining up alongside such luminaries as Justice, Liberty, the Joint Committee on Human Rights, both opposition parties and Lords...

Nov 23 2007 12:12PM
The horrific world of rape

Sometimes it is just simply impossible to believe what is happening in the world. This week two horrendous gang rape cases have come to our attention and in both cases the authorities have a lot to answer for.This morning the BBCs...

Nov 22 2007 2:01PM
the cocktail for success?

So Israels sweetener to Palestinian leader, Mahmoud Abbas ahead of next weeks peace talks are strawberries and armoured personnel carriers it would seem. Ehud Olmerts move to ease the trade embargo on Gaza by allowing Palestinian...

Nov 21 2007 1:51PM
Press under pressure

Regardless of what Heather Mills says about the media, they are often at the frontline when it comes to human rights, particularly in times of crisis. Amnesty today condemned the arrest of at least 100 journalists in Pakistan after...

Nov 20 2007 12:32PM
Burma monks leader faces death penalty

What price do you put on free speech and the right to peaceful protest?Sadly in Burma, the cost could well be life.In September, the All-Burma Monks Alliance was instrumental in getting thousands of monks onto the streets in pro...

Nov 19 2007 1:20PM
A Shock to the System

We were appalled at Amnesty by video footage that came out last week on YouTube, showing the last moments of a man who died after being stunned with an electro-shock Taser by police at Vancouver International Airport last month. The...

Nov 16 2007 12:06PM
One Step closer to a more humane world

A special edition of todays blog from our Head of Campaigns Janet Hague, to mark some fantastic news Last night the UN voted in favour of a global moratorium on executions, calling on all states that still maintain the death penalty to...

Nov 15 2007 4:22PM
Veiled threats

Alarming reports emerged today of a rise in violence against women in the Iraqi city of Basra being carried out by Islamist extremists and suspected Shia militias. A powerful piece on the Today program detailed the intimidation...

Nov 14 2007 1:05PM
Moral pygmies say sorry

Big news overnight on the notorious case of Yahoo and how it handed across information on Chinese activists who later got imprisoned. Yahoo has settled a lawsuit with the families of Wang Xiaoning, a pro-democracy blogger and Shi Tao...

Nov 12 2007 6:38PM
Fuel to the fire

As our clear winter skies were shrouded with thick plumes of black smoke rising from the warehouse fire in East London, today further reports of political turmoil emerged from Pakistan amid mounting international pressure on General...

Nov 9 2007 2:56PM
At home with human rights

I worked from home yesterday. Yes, I know it can be a euphemism for catching up on daytime TV but I really did work from home. It was only in the evening, after Id finished my hours spent diligently at the computer, that I realised I...

Nov 8 2007 3:23PM
States of emergency fest

Today, its all about states of emergency more commonly known among some of the worlds more notorious governments as how to get away with human rights violations the easy way.Firstly, weve got Georgia on our mind (I couldnt resist it)...

Nov 7 2007 1:55PM
Late Detention

Lots of debate today inside and outside Parliament over how long the UK should be able to detain people without charge, following a proposed Counter-Terrorism Bill listed in the Queens Speech (which contained no mention of a detention...

Nov 6 2007 12:51PM
Black Rod's not getting in

After last weeks Saudi visit - and graphic evidence that neither the Queen or Parliament has yet chucked out the chintz - today weve got the Queens Speech. So, theres much media anticipation of the colourful ceremony, of men wearing...

Nov 5 2007 2:31PM
Pakistan gets lost in translation

The meaning of language is an amazing thing. On Saturday, President Pervez Musharraf declared a state of emergency in Pakistan. What that actually meant in reality was clearly open to interpretation. His text talked of the need to...