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Attacking women’s rights. Slamming the door on refugees. Keeping Guantánamo open. Tearing children from their parents’ arms. The horror is real – but so is the resistance.

We’ve been fighting the bad guys since 1961 and we aren’t about to stop now.

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Join Trump Watch and end the human rights nightmare

We need you

President Trump’s first 18 months have been a huge shock for human rights.

His zero-tolerance policy on immigration has seen families torn apart at the Mexico border, and decimated the US government's program for helping refugees rebuild their lives in safety, leaving thousands in limbo.

He’s kept open the infamous Guantánamo Bay where hundreds of people have been illegally detained and tortured.

He’s pushed through a discriminatory travel ban that effectively bans many Muslims from entering the United States, even just for a holiday.

He’s ramped up the U.S. drones program that’s seen hundreds of civilians unlawfully killed in Africa and across the Middle East.

He’s even pulled out of the United Nations Human Rights Council.

And the the list just keeps getting longer.

We won't let hate win

Now is not the time to stand on the sidelines and watch. Now is the time to act.

It won’t be easy and it won’t be quick, but we need your support more than ever in the coming years if we’re to fight back against the discrimination and bigotry we’ve seen from the Trump administration so far.

From huge protests worldwide to the public backlash that pressured Trump to keep families together at the Mexico border - the resistance has shown its strength. When we stand together, we’re more than just ourselves: we’re a powerful movement of people - all ages, races and genders, united against hate.

This is the plan

Whether it's out on the streets, on social media, in the corridors of power or in countries around the world, we will do everything we can.
Together we will:

  • Call out misogyny, racism and discrimination whenever we see it - exposing it through the media, publishing research and reports
  • Bring public attention to any policies that pose a risk to our hard-won human rights
  • Put grassroots pressure on politicians especially with the UK government and US politicians
  • Mobilise support for those that suffer directly from Trump’s crackdown on human rights

Be a part of it

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