Write a poem for Sarah and Seán

In Greece, you can go to jail for trying to save a life. It happened to Sarah Mardini, 24, and Seán Binder, 25, when they volunteered as rescue workers for an organisation in Lesvos. Their job was to spot boats in distress at sea and help refugees. They are accused of spying, people smuggling and belonging to a criminal organisation. If found guilty, Sarah and Seán could go to prison for 25 years.

Take the Make a Difference in a Minute poetry challenge for Sarah and Seán.

How to submit poems

You can submit a poem in written form, as an audio clip or as a video. This can be taken using a smartphone or any other recording device you have available (use our 5 simple tips on how to film yourself). Remember, the Make a Difference in a Minute challenge is to create a poem that you can perform in a minute or under!

A selection of poems will be chosen and showcased on our website. We will let you know if a poem is selected.

Share your poetry on social media using #WordsThatBurn and the title of your poem. 

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