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Amnesty staff imprisoned in Turkey

Ten people who have dedicated their lives to defending the human rights of journalists, activists and other dissenting voices in Turkey are themselves in danger.

Among them are İdil Eser of Amnesty International and Özlem Dalkıran of Avaaz and Citizens’ Assembly. Known as the Istanbul 10 they, along with Amnesty’s Taner Kılıç, are under investigation for terrorism-related crimes – an absurd accusation intended to choke their human rights activism.

After over three months in prison, in the last week of October, we had the fantastic news that the Istanbul 10 had been freed - all except Taner Kılıç. Taner is still imprisoned. While the others are free, they still face charges.

The Istanbul 10 are: Idil Eser, Özlem Dalkıran, Günal Kurşun, Veli Acu, Ali Gharavi, Peter Steudtner, İlknur Üstün, Şeyhmus Özbekli, Nejat Taştan and Nalan Erkem.


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