Become an Amnesty teacher and learn about human rights

'This course has given me fantastic resources and more confidence when dealing with human rights issues in the classroom. My students have benefitted from the chance to discuss topics such as women’s rights and LGBTI rights on a deeper level and it has helped me to create a more inclusive classroom’.
Course participant, 2017

Are you a teacher with a passion for human rights, equality and justice? Our Continuing Professional Development (CPD) programme will give you the expertise to engage your students with human rights.

Our CPD teacher training course will strengthen your skills in teaching and training colleagues and you will meet experts in human rights education to support your professional development. You will also receive the latest resources and try out exciting tools and methods to explore human rights issues in your classroom, your subject area and your wider school community.

Human rights education engages young people in key ethical, social and political issues in a way that is exciting and relevant. As an Amnesty Teacher you will be an advocate for human rights education in your school and beyond.

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Deadline for applications is 12pm on Thursday 8th October 2018.


The three days for the 2018-2019 course are: 
Saturday 10th November 2018
Saturday 12th January 2019
Saturday 15th June 2019

Feel free to get in touch with any questions about the programme.
Phone: 020 7033 6478

What teachers say

‘Brilliant I’ve met inspirational people and it’s been great to work together to improve human rights education in my school. So pleased I did it’
Course participant, 2017

Of the teachers who've been on our course,

  • 100% would recommend it to a colleague
  • 100% strongly agreed that activities were relevant and useful
  • 100% rated the programme as 'outstanding'

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