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South Sudan (63)
May 3 2023 11:23am
East/Southern Africa: journalists in Rwanda among those in region suffering repression
In Ethiopia, at least 29 journalists and media workers arrested last y...
May 29 2020 10:27pm
South Sudan: renewal of UN arms embargo a welcome move to protect lives
Following the United Nations Security Council’s decision to renew the ...
Apr 30 2020 4:20pm
South Sudan: fresh evidence of arms embargo violations and illicit concealment of weapons
Thousands of child soldiers still being used, while arms being hidden ...
Oct 7 2019 12:07pm
South Sudan: crippled justice system and blanket amnesties fuelling impunity for war crimes – new report
The South Sudanese authorities have allowed impunity to flourish over ...
Aug 2 2019 3:22pm
Urgent Action: Newspaper editor detained without charge
On 15 July 2019, Michael Rial Christopher, a 40-year-old South Sudanes...
Jul 29 2019 12:15pm
Urgent Action: Security agent ill-treated in detention
Ding Ding Mou, a South Sudanese security agent, is detained at the Riv...
Jul 25 2019 12:40pm
Urgent Action: Detained youth activist denied family visits
Michael Wetnhialic, a South Sudanese youth activist in his 30s, is arb...
Apr 28 2019 7:06am
South Sudan: Twenty-year-old girl killed for refusing to marry
A 20-year-old girl has been killed in South Sudan for refusing to marr...
Apr 17 2019 3:44pm
Sudan: Amnesty calls for Al-Bashir to be tried by ICC for 'atrocious' war crimes
Responding to news that former Sudan president Omar Al-Bashir is being...
Mar 1 2019 10:54am
South Sudan executed as many people last month as it did in whole of last year
Seven men, including members of one family, hanged amid rise in execut...