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Sudan: Amnesty calls for Al-Bashir to be tried by ICC for 'atrocious' war crimes

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Responding to news that former Sudan president Omar Al-Bashir is being detained in Kober prison in Khartoum, Joan Nyanyuki, Amnesty International’s Director for East Africa, said:

“Omar Al-Bashir stands accused of crimes against humanity, war crimes and genocide, and must be immediately handed over to the International Criminal Court for due process to be followed. His case must not be hurriedly tried in Sudan’s notoriously dysfunctional legal system. Justice must be served.

“An ICC trial is not only vital for the victims of the atrocious crimes that led to his indictment but must constitute a first step in ensuring justice and accountability in the country.

“Sudan must take urgent steps to rebuild its justice sector but, in the meantime, the only way victims of his alleged crimes will see progress towards justice is if Bashir faces a fair trial at the ICC.”

The ICC has issued two arrest warrants for Al-Bashir on the basis that there are reasonable grounds to believe that he has committed war crimes and crimes against humanity - including murder, extermination and rape - as well as genocide against the Fur, Massalit and Zaghawa ethnic groups.

Joan Nyanyuki said:

“More than a decade after the first arrest warrant was issued against him in 2009, the time has come for Al-Bashir to face justice at the ICC.”

Amnesty has cautioned countries against sabotaging justice for victims of the crimes Al-Bashir is accused of by offering him asylum.

The authorities in Sudan must ensure that Al-Bashir, along with all other people arrested and detained since the military coup, are protected from torture and other ill-treatment that have been typical of imprisonment in Sudan. 

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