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Sex workers' rights (9)
May 31 2022 11:03am
Covid-19: Pandemic restrictions magnified discrimination against marginalised groups - new report
Report reveals ‘a grossly disproportionate effect on those who already...
Jan 24 2022 7:03pm
Ireland: Laws criminalising sex work puts workers at high risk of abuse and violence - New Report
Research reveals how sex workers are forced to risk their life in orde...
Dec 18 2018 1:37pm
We won’t end gender-based violence without sex workers
By Chiara Capraro  Our understanding of gender-based violence is gr...
May 26 2016 10:42am
Protecting the human rights of sex workers
By Kerry Moscogiuri, Amnesty UK Director of Supporter Campaigning and ...
May 26 2016 12:00am
Out of the shadows: fighting for the rights of sex workers
By Catherine Murphy, Amnesty Policy Advisor 'Six police officers ...
May 25 2016 5:56pm
Sex workers must be able to live in safety and free from discrimination - new policy published
“If a customer is bad you need to manage it yourself to the end. Yo...
Aug 11 2015 5:13pm
Our policy to protect sex workers' human rights: frequently asked questions
Why does Amnesty need a policy to protect the human rights of s...
Jul 29 2015 10:58am
Explaining our draft policy on sex work
Sex workers are one of the most marginalised groups in the world so it...
Feb 1 2014 7:44pm
Amnesty UK AGM's decisions on sex work to date
AIUK has passed four resolutions in the last six years related to t...