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Poland (53)
Apr 12 2024 3:32pm
Poland: Vote to amend law is a significant step towards ending 'cruel and draconian' restrictions on abortion
In response to news that Polish lawmakers approved four amendments to ...
Jan 18 2024 12:01am
Europe: Halt 'scandalous' returns of people from the North Caucasus to Russia where they are at risk of torture and abuse - new report
Croatia, France, Germany, Poland and Romania have or have attempted to...
Mar 14 2023 3:19pm
Poland: Conviction of abortion activist is 'depressing low' for reproductive rights
Justyna Wydrzyńska sentenced to eight months’ community service for as...
Jan 10 2023 10:41am
Poland: Prosecuting activist accused of aiding abortion 'sets a dangerous precedent'
Justyna Wydrzyńska faces up to three years in prison for supporting a ...
Oct 12 2022 11:01pm
Latvia: 'Cruel ultimatum' and brutal force used to push back refugees at the border - new report
Refugees and migrants arbitrarily detained in the Latvian forest, tort...
Jul 13 2022 12:28pm
Poland: Hearing of activist accused of aiding an abortion scheduled for tomorrow
First case in Europe of an activist being prosecuted for aiding an abo...
Apr 11 2022 1:01am
Poland: Racist pushbacks at Belarus border are 'in stark contrast' to welcome for Ukrainian refugees - new evidence
Mass pushbacks and arbitrary detention of Syrians and others has been ...
Apr 7 2022 10:58am
Poland: Charges against activist accused of aiding an abortion must be dropped
First case in Europe of an activist being prosecuted for aiding an abo...
Mar 22 2022 12:10pm
Poland: Refugees face chaos, racism and risk of trafficking after fleeing Ukraine - new research
Recent mission to border found evidence of chaotic and racist response...
Jan 12 2022 1:34pm
Poland: 'Witch-hunt' against LGBTI activists must end after rainbow halo case
LGBTI campaigners Elżbieta, Anna and Joanna were tried for ‘offending ...