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Myanmar (84)
Apr 22 2022 1:01pm
Myanmar: Activists continue peaceful protests in face of the regime's brutality - new research
Testimonials from activists reveal a range of non-violent protests acr...
Nov 12 2021 12:44pm
Myanmar: Sentencing of US journalist Danny Fenster to 11 years in prison 'reprehensible'
Country has been in turmoil since the military coup earlier this year ...
Jul 30 2021 12:08pm
Myanmar: Military threatening health workers amid Covid-19 surge
Military reportedly hoarding oxygen, contributing to a national shorta...
Jun 18 2021 10:25pm
Amnesty calls for global arms embargo on Myanmar
All countries must stop selling arms to Myanmar following the adoption...
Apr 23 2021 9:21am
Myanmar: Human rights must be top priority for emergency ASEAN summit
The catastrophic aftermath of the Myanmar coup is the biggest test in ...
Mar 4 2021 6:13pm
Myanmar: military's shoot-to-kill tactics condemned
Evidence points to military becoming more brazen in its use of force ...
Feb 19 2021 11:06am
Myanmar: Protester shot by police dies from injuries
Responding to news of the death of Mya Thwe Thwe Khaing, a 20-year-old...
Feb 18 2021 11:51am
Malaysia: 'Reckless' plan for deportation to Myanmar puts lives at risk
More than 1,200 people to be returned to Myanmar next week Ongoing ...
Feb 11 2021 9:07am
Myanmar: Police deployed sub-machine guns against protesters - new investigation
A young woman was shot in the head by Myanmar’s security forces during...
Feb 6 2021 8:25am
Myanmar: Internet blackout a 'heinous and reckless decision'
Reports of a widespread mobile internet blackout instigated by the mil...