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Myanmar (107)
Jul 8 2024 2:00am
Myanmar: New shipments of jet fuel tracked despite fears over military use
Evidence points to three likely shipments of aviation fuel this year u...
Apr 19 2024 7:59am
London to Remember June Fourth 34 Years On
倫敦將舉行燭光集會,紀念八九民運34週年,緬懷六四死難者。 倫敦六四燭光集會 地點:中國大使館對面 時間:2023年6月4...
Dec 21 2023 9:27am
Myanmar: Military should be investigated for war crimes in response to 'Operation 1027'
Myanmar military arbitrarily detained civilians and looted valuables ...
Oct 13 2023 11:59am
Myanmar: ‘Murderous’ airstrike killed 28 civilians including children investigation reveals
Myanmar military appear to have used the largest aerial-delivered bomb...
Aug 25 2023 6:59am
Myanmar: Meta must pay reparations to Rohingya people for role in ethnic cleansing
Call comes on sixth anniversary of mass violence against Rohingya by M...
May 29 2023 11:07am
Meta: reparations for Myanmar's Rohingya must top tech giant's AGM
Various human rights shareholder resolutions filed ahead of Wednesday’...
May 3 2023 1:37pm
Myanmar: Military threatens pardoned prisoners with rearrest if they speak out again
Military say they have pardoned 2,153 prisoners to mark a Buddhist hol...
Feb 28 2023 4:21pm
Myanmar: Shipping companies still transporting aviation fuel despite war crimes - new evidence
Recent shipments have involved companies based in Thailand, India, Jap...
Jan 31 2023 6:38pm
UK: Government’s curbs on aviation fuel to Myanmar welcomed but more action needed
Move sends important message ahead of tomorrow’s two-year anniversary ...
Jan 30 2023 1:13pm
Myanmar: Urgent global action needed to stop military’s ‘nationwide assault on human rights’
1 February marks second anniversary of Myanmar’s brutal military regim...