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Myanmar: military's shoot-to-kill tactics condemned

Riot police in Yangon charging anti-coup protesters last weekend © Getty Images

Evidence points to military becoming more brazen in its use of force ‘There is a growing consensus that this has been authorised by the government’ - Emerlynne Gil Responding to reports of numerous killings by the Myanmar armed forces yesterday, the deadliest day since the 1 February coup, Emerlynne Gil, Amnesty International’s Regional Deputy Director, said: “Everything points to troops adopting shoot-to-kill tactics to suppress the protests, and with silence from the military administration there is a growing consensus that this has been authorised by the government. “Everything we know

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Myanmar: Protester shot by police dies from injuries

Responding to news of the death of Mya Thwe Thwe Khaing, a 20-year-old woman who was shot in the head by Myanmar police during protests in Nay Pyi Daw on 9 February, Joanne Mariner, Amnesty International's Director of Crisis Response, said: "This is the devastating consequence of the security forces' reckless use of lethal weapons against peaceful protesters. "Instead of issuing blanket denials, the Myanmar military authorities should launch a prompt, thorough, independent and impartial investigation into her killing and other reports of unnecessary and excessive use of force by the security

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Malaysia: 'Reckless' plan for deportation to Myanmar puts lives at risk

© Amnesty International

More than 1,200 people to be returned to Myanmar next week Ongoing military coup makes returning to Myanmar extremely dangerous The Malaysian government must stop planned efforts with the Myanmar military to deport 1,200 people back to Myanmar next Tuesday (23 February), Amnesty International said today. The ongoing crackdown on dissidents following the military coup in Myanmar puts those due to be deported at serious risk of further human rights violations. The Malaysian government has not permitted the United Nations High Commission for Refugees (UNHCR) to access immigration detention

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Myanmar: Police deployed sub-machine guns against protesters - new investigation

A young woman was shot in the head by Myanmar’s security forces during protests, Amnesty International has confirmed, after investigating footage showing the attack. A video shared on social media of the shooting, which happened in the capital of Nay Pyi Taw on 9 February, was verified by Amnesty International’s Crisis Evidence experts. According to media reports, the woman has lost significant brain function and has only a slim chance of survival. The Myanmar military’s ‘True News Information Unit’ said in a statement that security forces only deployed non-lethal weapons. However, images show

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Myanmar: Internet blackout a 'heinous and reckless decision'

Army general and military leader Min Aung Hlaing (pictured) has been accused of genocide, crimes against humanity and war crimes © Amnesty International

Reports of a widespread mobile internet blackout instigated by the military ‘The military must re-establish all telecommunications immediately and stop putting people’s rights in danger’ - Ming Yu Hah Responding to credible reports of a widespread mobile internet blackout underway in Myanmar, Ming Yu Hah, Amnesty International’s Deputy Regional Director for Campaigns, said: “To shut down the internet amid a volatile coup, a humanitarian crisis and a health pandemic is a heinous and reckless decision. “Since the 1 February coup, people in Myanmar have been forced into a situation of abject

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Myanmar: UN Security Council must 'act firmly' over military coup

'Wanted' posters of Min Aung Hlaing posted by activists near the UN building in New York in 2018. © Amnesty International

UN Security Council to hold emergency closed meeting this afternoon UN should hold open session, impose targeted sanctions against military and arms embargo, and refer situation to the ICC ‘An emboldened military took years of international inaction as a quiet signal’ for coup - Sherine Tadros Ahead of the UN Security Council’s emergency closed meeting on Myanmar today, Sherine Tadros, Amnesty International’s Deputy Director of Advocacy, said: “What we are witnessing in Myanmar didn’t just suddenly happen. You cannot leave perpetrators of grave crimes under international law on the loose and

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MYANMAR: Aung San Suu Kyi among those arrested as military coup underway

Responding to the arrest of State Counsellor Aung San Suu Kyi and others amid reports that a military coup is underway in Myanmar, Amnesty International’s Deputy Regional Director for Campaigns, Ming Yu Hah, said: “The arrest of Aung San Suu Kyi, senior officials and other political figures is extremely alarming. Unless those detained can be charged with a recognisable criminal offence under international law, they must be immediately released. “The Myanmar military must clarify on what legal basis they have been detained. They must also guarantee that the rights of those arrested are fully

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Myanmar: Military burns villages and kills civilians as Rakhine State conflict escalates - new evidence

Over 120 structures in Taung Pauk and Hpa Yar Paung appear burned in Planet imagery from 10 September 2020. Fires were remotely detected in the villages with satellite sensors on 3 September 2020.
Over 120 structures in Taung Pauk and Hpa Yar Paung appear burned in Planet imagery from 10 September 2020. Fires were remotely detected in the villages with satellite sensors on 3 September 2020.

First-hand testimony, satellite images, photographs, video and media reports reveal extent of violence towards civilians ‘The Myanmar military’s utter disregard for civilian suffering grows more shocking and brazen by the day’ - Ming Yu Hah Amnesty International has gathered new evidence of indiscriminate attacks on civilians in Rakhine State, amid serious escalations in the ongoing armed conflict between the Myanmar military and the Arakan Army (AA). This evidence is based on first-hand testimony, photographs and video obtained from inside Rakhine State, analysis of satellite imagery as well

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Bangladesh: authorities must protect Rohingya refugees from gang violence

A police patrol inside Kutupalong refugee camp in the district of Ukhia last year © AFP via Getty Images

Violent clashes have broken out between gangs over the trade of drugs in Cox’s Bazar, triggering at least 2,000 refugees to flee to other camps Eight dead and hundreds injured since 4 October despite additional security being brought in ‘The situation inside the camps is highly precarious and there’s a serious risk of further bloodshed’ - Saad Hammadi Bangladeshi authorities must protect Rohingya refugees following violent clashes between armed criminal gangs that have killed at least eight people and injured hundreds of others in Cox’s Bazar over the past week, Amnesty International said

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Malaysia: court ruling against caning Rohingya refugees welcomed

Since the start of the year, around 1,400 Rohingya people have been stranded out at sea after fleeing Myanmar or harsh conditions in camps in Bangladesh © Thapanee Ietsrichai

Responding to news that earlier today a Malaysian court ruled to set aside the penalty of three strokes of the cane against 27 Rohingya men, Rachel Chhoa-Howard, Amnesty International’s Malaysia Researcher, said: “Today’s decision reverses a cruel and inhumane sentence that should never have been handed down in the first place. “While it comes as welcome news, all 27 men remain jailed along with dozens of other Rohingya refugees - including women and children - simply for attempting to escape terrible persecution in Myanmar. “The Malaysian government must release all jailed Rohingya refugees.

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