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Bahrain, Kuwait and Norway's contact-tracing apps among most privacy-infringing

Problematic contact-tracing apps have been introduced in numerous countries © Getty Images

COVID-19 apps putting privacy and security of hundreds of thousands at risk U-turn from Norwegian Government yesterday welcomed ‘Privacy must not be another casualty as governments rush to roll out apps’ - Claudio Guarnieri Bahrain, Kuwait and Norway have rolled out some of the most invasive COVID-19 contact-tracing apps putting the privacy and security of hundreds of thousands of people at risk, an Amnesty International investigation revealed today. Amnesty’s Security Lab reviewed contact-tracing apps from various European and Middle Eastern countries, including a detailed technical analysis

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Kuwait: today's execution of seven people condemned

Kuwait's executions were the first since 2013 © Amnesty International

‘The Kuwaiti authorities have displayed a wanton disregard for the right to life’ - Samah Hadid

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Urgent Action update: Kuwaiti Bidun rights defender imprisoned

On 20 September, the Misdemeanours Court of Cassation upheld a sentence of one year’s imprisonment and deportation of ‘Abdulhakim al-Fadhli, a defender of the rights of the stateless Bidun community in Kuwait, for charges relating to a peaceful demonstration held in 2012.

4th update on UA 102/16 issued 06/10/2016

Urgent Action Update: Bidun defender released in Kuwait, awaiting verdict

Bidun human rights defender ‘Abdulhakim al-Fadhli was released from Kuwait Central prison on 2 August after serving the remainder of a three month prison sentence for “misusing his phone”.

3rd Update on UA 102/16 issued 05/08/2016

Urgent Action update: Appeal court issues verdict in 'Abdali Cell' case

A Kuwaiti appeal court issued its verdict on in the “Abdali Cell” case. It upheld a life sentence, a five-year prison sentence and a death sentence against individuals convicted of charges including "spying for Iran and Hizbullah”.

2nd update on UA199/15 issued 29/07/2016

Urgent Action update: Bidun defender beaten during prison transfer in Kuwait

Bidun human rights defender ‘Abdulhakim al-Fadhli remains in prison to serve a separate sentence of three months. He was beaten by policemen as he was transferred from the court to Kuwait’s Central Prison.

2nd update on UA 102/16 issued on 01/07/2016

Urgent action update: Bidun Human Rights Defender's sentence upheld in Kuwait

Human rights defender and member of the stateless Bidun community ‘Abdulhakim al-Fadhli had his one-year imprisonment sentence followed by deportation upheld by the Court of Cassation on 16 May. He has been on hunger strike since his arrest on 18 April.

1st update on UA 102/16 issued on 19/05/2016

Urgent Action: Detained Bidun human rights defender at risk in Kuwait

Member of the stateless Bidun community have been held at Kuwait’s Central Prison since 18 April

UA 102/16 issued 29/04/2016

Urgent Action good news: MP Saleh al-Mulla acquitted in Kuwait

Former Kuwaiti opposition MP Saleh al-Mulla was acquitted by the Appeal Court on 9 March 2016 of insulting the Amir of Kuwait.

2nd update on UA 4/15 issued 29/03/2016

Urgent Action good news: Activist Nawaf al-Hendal acquitted in Kuwait

Human rights activist Nawaf al-Hendal and 10 other men were acquitted by a misdemeanours court on 1 March 2016.

2nd update UA 70/15 issued 29/03/2016
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