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Kenya (71)
May 19 2023 9:50am
Kenya: LGBTI refugees at risk of rape and violence at Kakuma refugee camp - New Report
Research carried out over five years highlights dangers facing LGBTI p...
May 28 2021 5:08pm
Qatar: whereabouts of detained Kenyan labour activist must be revealed
Security guard Malcolm Bidali held in solitary confinement in undisclo...
Sep 15 2020 7:33pm
Kenya: arrest of Amnesty Kenya's chairperson is an 'attack on human rights defenders'
Renee Ngamau was arrested in her home yesterday evening for rallying n...
Feb 14 2019 11:35am
Urgent Action update: Over two thousand people risk forced eviction
The Deep Sea Community in Nairobi, Kenya is once again at imminent ris...
Jan 16 2019 11:10am
Kenya: Nairobi hotel attack must be effectively investigated
Responding to the attack on the Dusit D2 hotel complex in Nairobi yest...
Oct 31 2018 11:18am
Write for Rights 2018: Sengwer people case resources
Case sheet for the Sengwer people appeal Address and solidarity app...