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Jamaica: petition calls on PM to take action after three people a week killed by police last year

Relatives displayed banners of their loves ones who had been killed by the police © @Aboboudial Twitter

64,000-name petition handed in to Andrew Holness’ office on International Day Against Police Brutality Shackelia Jackson, whose brother Nakiea was killed by police in 2014, among delegation to PM’s office ‘The deeply troubling wave of killings by Jamaican police cannot continue to go unpunished’ - Erika Guevara-Rosas Amnesty International and relatives of people killed by police in Jamaica have delivered a 64,000-name petition to the office of Jamaican Prime Minister Andrew Holness in Kingston today calling for accountability for a “deeply troubling wave of killings” in recent years. Last year

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Jan 25 2018 4:05PM
How receiving letters from thousands of strangers helped me fight for justice for my brother’s murder

By Shackelia Jackson Over the past two months I’ve received more than 6,000 letters, tweets and emails from people across the UK who I’ve never spoken to or met before in my life. Reading them has been overwhelming. Kindness from one...

Mar 31 2017 6:50PM
Together, we are stronger

By Shackelia Jackson, activist and sister of Nakiea, killed by the Jamaican police in 2014 As a relative of a young man killed by the police in Kingston, Jamaica, many people have asked me how my family copes with the pain, with having...

Jamaica: Police threaten and intimidate relatives of those unlawfully killed to cover-up their actions

Unlawful police killings and relatives' long struggle for justice
Unlawful police killings and relatives' long struggle for justice © Amnesty International

Police tamper with crime scenes, plant weapons on victims and threaten relatives to dissuade them from reporting abuses

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Jamaica: Three years on, state of emergency still an open wound

Amnesty International today called on the Jamaican authorities to stop stalling and appoint a commission of inquiry into the horrific allegations of human rights’ abuses by the security forces during the 2010 state of emergency. The allegations include unlawful killings, enforced disappearances and arbitrary arrests. Amnesty made its call during a visit to the Caribbean island and added that to be effective the commission must have an adequate mandate, resources and powers to carry out a thorough investigation. The Jamaican government finally acknowledged the need for a commission after the

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May 23 2011 4:41PM
Jamaica: a year on and no justice

A new Amnesty report is out today “Jamaica: A long road to justice? – Human Rights violations under the state of emergency to mark the one year anniversary of the sensational stand off between armed residents of Tivoli Gardens in...

Jamaica: Tivoli Gardens killings- No justice for 74 killed

Authorities in Jamaica must bring to justice those responsible for the human rights violations during an operation to arrest a suspected gang leader in Tivoli Gardens last year, which resulted in the killing of 74 people, said Amnesty International today [23 May]. To date, no one has been prosecuted for the killings during the operation. The operation was carried out by Jamaica’s security forces to restore order in the community and to arrest suspected gang leader Christopher Coke which began on 24 May 2010. Within two days, 74 people were killed and at least 54 were injured, including 28

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May 28 2010 6:21PM
Jamaica violence - not an excuse to abandon human rights

It’s been nearly a week since the violence in the beautifully-named Tivoli Gardens in Jamaica escalated, and still the situation is not under control. The Voice of America reports that the death toll has now reached 73 and hundreds of...

Jamaica violence: Investigation must be thorough

Amnesty International has called for a thorough investigation into the deaths of dozens of people during the recent security operation in Kingston, Jamaica to arrest an alleged drug dealer. Amnesty International’s Americas programme Deputy Director Kerrie Howard said: "While the Jamaican police have a duty to maintain law and order, giving extraordinary powers to security forces may lead to human rights violations.” Jamaican Prime Minister Bruce Golding declared a state of emergency on Sunday 24 May after armed supporters of alleged drug dealer Christopher "Dudus" Coke began their protest

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May 25 2010 7:30PM
In a Jam (aica)

After a long period of being neglected in the UK press, Jamaica is on the front pages. It is easy to see why. The story is a fascinating and compelling one. Residents of the poorest community in Kingston, have barricaded the streets to...

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