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Haiti (45)
Oct 28 2021 6:00pm
Americas: Countries rejecting Haitians fleeing ongoing crisis - new investigation
Haitians in Mexico receive vastly different levels of help compared to...
Jul 8 2021 10:01am
Haiti: Killing of President and grave human rights violations under his watch must be urgently investigated
Escalation of violence a deep concern, as four assassination suspects ...
Nov 1 2019 11:12am
Haiti: Tear gas, water cannons and live ammunition used against protesters
At least 35 people killed during six weeks of anti-government protests...
Jun 19 2019 11:38am
Urgent Action: Protesters at continued risk
On 9 and 10 June, thousands of Haitians marched in Port-au-Prince agai...
May 20 2019 2:20pm
Urgent Action: Human rights defender fears for safety
On 26 April, two unknown men on motorbikes, presumably belonging to a ...
Jan 5 2015 3:57pm
Haiti: "Quick fix" housing for earthquake survivors leave Haitians homeless or in limbo
Tens of thousands of survivors of Haiti’s earthquake which rocked the ...
Feb 4 2013 12:00am
Haiti: Hundreds of families left homeless in new wave of evictions
Nearly 700 families have been forcibly evicted from two make-shift cam...
Jan 11 2013 12:00am
HAITI: Three years on from earthquake housing situation 'catastrophic'
‘Back in 2010, the world couldn’t move fast enough to help Haiti but t...
Jan 31 2012 3:04pm
Haiti: ‘Baby Doc’ escapes justice
Readers of my posts over on the Northern Ireland blog Slugger O'To...