Urgent Action: Human rights defender fears for safety

On 26 April, two unknown men on motorbikes, presumably belonging to a local gang, circled the office of Pierre Espérance, a prominent Haitian human rights defender, in Port-au-Prince. He reported that different sources advised him about recent death threats made against him and stated that the police were aware of them. Pierre Espérance received previous threats in 2018, and in 2014 when a letter containing a gun bullet was sent to the organization’s offices. We demand that the Haitian authorities provide him with effective protection according to his wishes and that authorities immediately and independently investigate these threats.

Take action.




Please write urgently in your own words or using the template letter included in English or French to:


Minister of Justice and Public Security of Haiti
M. Jean Roudy Aly
18 Avenue Charles Summer, 
Port-au-Prince, Haiti 
Email: rudly@yahoo.com 
Salutation: Dear Mr. Minister


And copies to: 

National Network for the defence of human rights
9, rue Rivière 
Port-au-Prince, Haïti 
Email: rnddh@rnddh.org 

Director-General of the National Police of Haiti
M. Michel-Ange GÉDÉON
Directeur Général de la Police Nationale d’Haiti
20, Angle Rue Ddarguin et Grégoire, Pétion-Ville,
Port-au-Prince, Haiti 
Email: godore68@hotmail.com 
Salutation: Dear Director-General


Also send copies to diplomatic representatives accredited to your country.

Mr Laurent Pierre Prosper, Embassy of the Republic of Haiti, 21 Bloomsbury Way London WC1A 2TH, 0203 771 1427, info.haitiuk@diplomatie.ht

Please check with your section before sending appeals after the above date.

Download full UA in PDF
Download full UA in word