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Germany (13)
Jan 13 2022 11:37am
Germany/Syria: life sentence for former intelligence officer is 'historic victory'
Anwar Raslan found guilty of crimes against humanity, including tortur...
Aug 24 2021 12:45pm
G7 Afghanistan meeting: Boris Johnson must 'lead by example' over humanitarian crisis
Ahead of an emergency G7 meeting on Afghanistan due to be held later t...
May 10 2017 9:01am
"I thought I was some kind of monster"
"I thought I was some kind of monster." These are the words of Sandrao...
Nov 27 2013 4:46pm
Belsen - still relevant?
‘This event gives me the opportunity to pay tribute to these wonderful...
Dec 13 2012 12:00am
Rendition ruling against Macedonia hailed as 'historic'
‘Macedonia is not alone. Many other European governments colluded with...
Mar 17 2010 3:20pm
'tools of torture' still traded from Europe
Spiked batons, thumb cuffs and stun belts are not exactly commoditi...
Mar 9 2010 10:34am
Germany's Far Right.
  FAR RIGHT hate crimes in Germany have doubled in ten years so growi...
Jul 10 2009 7:23am
Hi-tech advert challenges domestic violence
Amnesty International is using the latest in advertising technology to...
Jul 25 2008 1:24am
Obama: Ich Bin Ein Skeptiker
The rest of the world is destined to be disappointed by every American...