Using fiction to teach human rights: To Kill a Mockingbird by Harper Lee

Harper Lee's Pulitzer Prize-winning To Kill a Mockingbird is a twentieth century classic. Find out how you can use the novel to teach human rights.

Resource Pack - First Steps (Welsh)

This resource in Welsh is designed to support teachers to introduce human rights to children aged 3-5.

Become an Amnesty teacher and learn about human rights

'This course has given me fantastic resources and more confidence when dealing with human rights issues in the classroom. My students have benefitted from the chance to discuss topics such as women’s rights and LGBTI rights on a deeper level and it has helped me to create a more inclusive classroom’.
Course participant, 2017

Are you a teacher with a passion for human rights, equality and justice? Our Continuing Professional Development (CPD) teacher programme will give you the expertise to engage your students with human rights.

Mar 13 2018 5:44PM
The Amnesty CILIP Honour winners 2016
At last! We’re extremely proud to announce the inaugural winners of our Amnesty CILIP Honour: In the Kate Greenaway Medal category, the winner is... There’s a Bear on My Chair , by Ross Collins And in the Carnegie Medal category... Lie...
Jan 25 2018 8:58AM
Human Rights and Words that Burn
What comes to mind when you think of human rights? Perhaps shocking footage of violations on the news, provocative headlines in the press, or treatment you have witnessed or experienced. Surely there will be time enough to talk about s...

Burn 9: respect

Students look at the subtleties and connotations of language, and the impact words have in describing a person or event.

Burn 9: respect

Burn 7: speak up

Students explore how words can help process feelings of anger and helplessness – and bring about self-empowerment.

Burn 7: speak up

Burn 5: witness

On film, poet Emtithal Mahmoud asks students to ‘bear witness’ to her experiences of genocide in Darfur.

Burn 5: witness

Burn 4: change

Students learn that everyone has a role to play in upholding human rights – in their school, community and world.

Burn 4: change
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