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Drones (11)
Apr 19 2018 12:00am
Drones: call for 'full public inquiry' into UK's secret involvement in US attacks
Four RAF bases in Yorkshire, Cambridgeshire, Lincolnshire and Northamp...
Oct 20 2017 6:27pm
New briefing calls for end to unlawful use of drones
Briefing comes after controversial reported killing of British woman S...
Oct 20 2016 9:40pm
Talk: Drone Warfare 25 Oct 2016 7:30pm
Venue: The Cock Hotel Wellington Agenda: 1) Meeting 27 Sept - any ma...
Aug 12 2014 12:44pm
The UK needs to stop selling arms to Israel and open its eyes to the suffering caused by inaction
While we can only hope that the latest fitful emergency peace talks in...
Jul 29 2014 4:08pm
'Nowhere in Gaza is safe': a snapshot of life under the bombs
This morning as I brushed my teeth I could hear the familiar buzzing o...
Oct 22 2013 9:35am
Drones: Major new report says USA must account for Pakistan killings
The USA has carried out unlawful killings in Pakistan in its drone att...
Jan 21 2013 11:59am
King 1963: I have a dream. Obama 2013: I have a drone
In 1963 Martin Luther King Jr stood on the steps of the Lincoln Memori...
Apr 8 2010 5:51pm
The Yemen job: a licence to commit extra-judicial executions
OK, it’s not a surprise that countries have “hit lists” (not music cha...
Feb 23 2009 2:27pm
Killed in their cages: Palestinian civilians and Israeli weapons
There’s a scene in the Emir Kusturica film Underground that has really...
Jan 15 2009 1:50pm
Gaza: droning on about arms controls
Terry Jones of Monty Python fame (he’s not the messiah, he’s a very na...