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Chelsea Manning (11)
May 16 2017 4:00pm
Chelsea Manning, human rights heroine and trailblazing whistleblower, will walk free
Tomorrow Chelsea Elizabeth Manning will be a free woman. After seven y...
Jan 17 2017 10:38pm
USA: Decision to commute Chelsea Manning sentence is long overdue positive step for human rights
With less than a week left in his term, President Obama commuted the s...
Aug 9 2016 2:00pm
Chelsea Manning faces new charges for attempting suicide
By Justin Mazzola, Attorney and researcher at Amnesty USA The news ...
Feb 4 2016 8:00am
Podcast: Chelsea Manning and Michelle Hendley
'I feel like I’ve been stored away all this time without a voice' C...
Aug 21 2015 4:08pm
Disciplined for toothpaste and Vanity Fair? Send a message of support to Chelsea Manning
A tube of expired toothpaste. Caitlyn Jenner’s infamous Vanity Fair ma...
Feb 1 2015 4:32pm
Chelsea Manning: 'I'm so thankful for all of your support'
I wanted to thank all of you so very much for your actions of support ...
Jan 19 2015 1:31pm
Chelsea Manning
Introduction ‘I hope that you will continue supporting my fight f...
Dec 22 2014 5:34pm
Chelsea Manning: ‘Why speaking out is worth the risk’
Chelsea Manning is serving a 35-year prison sentence for leaking class...
Dec 17 2014 4:22pm
Send a birthday message to Chelsea Manning
Where were you on your 27th birthday? A question that takes most of us...
Jul 30 2014 11:30am
USA: fresh call for release of Chelsea Manning exactly one year after conviction
‘It is an absolute outrage that Chelsea Manning is currently langui...