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Bulgaria (7)
Nov 1 2021 8:35pm
Bulgaria: presidential candidate must be fully investigated for alleged anti-LGBTI attack
Ultra-nationalist politician Boyan Rassate seen by witnesses of attack...
Nov 19 2013 4:06pm
Bulgaria: 'Inhuman conditions' spark protests at refugee camp
1,000 held in metal containers, tents and dilapidated buildings at ...
Nov 12 2013 5:39pm
Bulgaria: Migrants 'living in fear' after xenophobic attacks
The Bulgarian authorities must do more to prevent xenophobic hate crim...
Sep 20 2013 12:00am
New report reveals EU is failing on homophobia and transphobia
Amnesty International has accused the European Union and its member st...
Mar 27 2010 5:31pm
ILO demands release of Burmese forced labour activists
The Governing Body of the International Labour Organisation (ILO) has ...
Jan 21 2010 12:01pm
Goal 5: Better health for mothers
The Millennium Development Goals, to be achieved by 2015, include: Go...
Feb 17 2005 12:00am
Bulgaria: New report shows mentally disabled patients at risk
The report also highlights the care homes’ lack of medical and psych...